Jayam Ravi talks to his fans

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 09, 2008 14:16 hrs

amaralex asks Did you come to cine field just because your family had a cine background? Why did you not think of standing on your own leg? Were you scared of taking risk in another field? Have you ever thought of using your bulky body to win a medal in Olympics for In
ravi says Of course, my film backkground helped me enter into the industry but to stay put, my efforts mattered.

finelectronics asks hi ravi
ravi says Hi, did you watch DD?

sathyagopal asks Hi Ravi, This is Sathya from USA Chicago. We like your looks and acting very much.
ravi says Thank you so much. Keep watching my films.

sv_cbe123 asks Hii wat r ur next project
ravi says It's called Peraanmai. I'm working with Mr Jananathan.

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sangees2 asks hi...........ravi this is sangeetha from bangalore, big fan of you........i like very much to see ur film, i never miss them dhaam dhoom is superb wt r the next project
ravi says Thank you so much. My next movie is called Peraanmai.

vignesh_venkat19 asks tell your experience in dham dhoom movie? dham dhoom is not upto my expectations.
ravi says It was wonderful working in the film. Why didn't it meet your expectations. Please let me know.

duskysun asks If you were not an actor, what would you be?
ravi says I would be an advertising filmmaker

gita_gupta06 asks You have a degree in Visual Communication? Does that help at all with your acting career?
ravi says The degree helps me understand technical aspects better.

tariq.bhat asks What kind of martial arts do you know? Where did you learn it?
ravi says When I was young, I learnt a bit of karate. Now I am learning stunts under a person called Pandian.

tariq.bhat asks Did the fact that you came from a filmi background help you break into the industry easier?
ravi says Yes, obviously.

shortcake78 asks Are you a trained dancer? What dance forms do you know?
ravi says I was trained in Bharatanatyam and a little bit of ballet.

shortcake78 asks Did you ever get any training as an actor? Has that helped you?
ravi says I did my training in acting in Bombay with The Kishore Namit Kapoor institute of Acting and it helped me a lot in knowing the nuances of acting.

smitasingh07 asks Are you a character actor or do you follow the director's vision?
ravi says I am always a director's actor.

smitasingh07 asks Do you like the fact that you are called Jayam Ravi? Or do you think people remembering by your first movie is a drawback?
ravi says I always wanted people to call me Ravi. But I am grateful to my first film and I am glad that the name is attached to me now.

biggestidolfan asks Who are your favourite heroines?
ravi says Jyotika and Simran

rehmat_rahim asks Which directors would you like to work with?
ravi says Mani Ratnam sir and Farhan Akhtar

randygiles asks Is there any movie role–in south, Bollywood or Hollywood–that you wish you had done?
ravi says The role which Dustin Hoffman played in The Rain Man.

pamelaa asks Which is the last movie you saw?
ravi says Saroja.

pamelaa asks Which is the movie that you really loved in the recent past? And why?
ravi says Paruthiveeran. The film was very unusual.

somnambask asks How was Jeeva as a director? Did you learn anything special working under him?
ravi says More than being a director, he was my mentor. I learnt how to love movies and how to love work from him.

somnambask asks Will you ever get behind the camera and become a director? Or even a producer?
ravi says I definitely want to become a director and a producer. But I don't think it will be any time in the near future.

sennie asks can you remember the tragic end of Jeeva's life?
ravi says Of course. It shook me to the core.

dayanna asks Do you believe a six-pack is very important to have as an actor?
ravi says If the role demands it then I believe it should be part of the regime.

dayanna asks Why are most of your movies remakes of Telugu movies?
ravi says I have no reasons for that except that people have come to me asking me to do that role.

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sennie asks Did you see any thing which tells about old USSR in Moscow?
ravi says When I was I St Petersburg, most of the places reminded me of the old USSR. But Moscow is now looking modern and commercialised.

sennie asks Did you expect this victory for this cinema.
ravi says I hoped it would be liked by the audience.

mob_gamer asks will you ever direct a movie, if yes will you go with industry veterans or give chance to a new face. Songs in Dhaam dhoom are superb - sure Hit!!!
ravi says Thanx a lot for the kind words. I always support new talent.

chennailovesme asks When you are on your deathbed, what kind of hero do you want the world to remember you as?
ravi says I just want people to remember me as the best entertainer.

chennailovesme asks How was shooting in Russia? Did you like the vodka there?
ravi says Yes, I loved both. I just tasted the vodka, though. :)

chennailovesme asks When Jeeva sir left us, were you worried about Dhaam Dhoom?
ravi says Actually, the whole industry was worried about the film. Jeeva sir's loss was a national loss. I just took everything in the right spirit and wanted to fulfill his dream.

chennailovesme asks What would you have changed in Dhaam Dhoom? Nothing is perfect, answer honestly please!
ravi says The film was visualised inside Jeeva Sir’s mind, so we just did what was possible. If you feel it's not perfect then it’s our fault not his.

duskysun asks What are your hobbies?
ravi says My hobbies are cricket, movies, reading books and playing with kids at home.

gita_gupta06 asks Are you very close to your family?
ravi says Yes, of course I am.

gita_gupta06 asks What kind of food do you like?
ravi says Mostly Chinese.

smitasingh07 asks Would you like to work in Bollywood?
ravi says Yes, of course.

smitasingh07 asks Do you have an icon in your life? Who is it and why?
ravi says I love watching Kamal Sir’s movies. I think he is the best actor of our country.

shilpar91 asks Do you think that dhaam dhoom will be a turning point in your career?
ravi says Dhaam Dhoom is an important part of my career.

shilpar91 asks Do you think that remaking hit movies are safer than doing direct one?
ravi says Of course not. Originality is key!

latha_ds asks Do think dhaam dhoom is the perfect movie of Jeeva
ravi says Jeeva Sir made some brilliant movies in his career.

silvery.saint asks putting aside market sustainability,which wud u personally prefer- an action hero image or a romantic hero image? pl dont say both :)
ravi says I just want to be the best entertainer.

silvery.saint asks success doesnt seem to get into ur head at all.neither does criticism, however harsh it might be. how do u keep urself grounded? perhaps, its in the family/upbringing?
ravi says My family helps me keep my feet on the ground.

In pictures: ‘Jayam’ Ravi–The man behind the actor

arun.prabhu asks congrats on SS' and DD's success!best wishes for d future.and,pl try takin' a look at 'jayam ravi rocks' community on orkut. its been maintained well and im sure u'll appreciate it. U rock on man, God bless!
ravi says I certainly will check it out. Thank you very much :)

sugancbe asks who is ur favouite heroien?
ravi says Jyotika and Simran

vimala_deepa asks chat with Jayam Ravi ohhh its not believable? Hi Ravi how do u feel after entering film industry n wats the secret of ur fitness
ravi says Hi Vimala. I feel great. My secret is diet, exercise and good living.

yusufbasha_2 asks Your acting in santosh subramanian was great with Actor Pakash Raj especially?
ravi says Thank you.

saradha_10 asks hii ravi happy birthday.can i get ur mail id
ravi says Thank you for your wishes.

saradha_10 asks are u a very jolly person behind the screen
ravi says Yes, I am

saradha_10 asks which is ur favourite movie acted so far?
ravi says I have loved acting in all the movies I did. My first movie has a special place in my heart.

satash_2004 asks What is the secret of your fitness and fair look Ravi. My daughter is your fan who never misses your movies.
ravi says I work out and I am very careful about my diet. Give your daughter my kisses.

satash_2004 asks I want you to act in a film with Vijay, Danush, Surya, Vikram, Vishal - Dream team. Will it happen Mr.Ravi?
ravi says Let's hope it does!

vinothbitsgoa asks When are you getting married?Will it be love marriage?
ravi says There is no person in my life right now. So no marriage plans as of now.

saradha_10 asks wat is the secret of ur smile ravi. plz tell the truth
ravi says I don't know. :)

saradha_10 asks how is peranmai going on
ravi says Going great

aaanu asks who is ur fav family member
ravi says I love my entire family.

shilpar91 asks do you like to act in multistarrer movie?
ravi says Why not?

vijsify05 asks How about Daam Doom performance at Box office.
ravi says I hope the audience likes it.

muthamil_murugan asks Hai What are your Hobbies, What are plans in your Career, In case if you were not an Actor, What u would have been.
ravi says My hobbies are cricket, movies, reading books and playing with kids at home. If I wasn't an actor, I would be an advertising film-maker.

shilpar91 asks which actor inspired you to come to this field?
ravi says I love Kamal Sir’s movies. He is my icon.

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aaanu asks Advanced Birthday wishes
ravi says Thank you so much. :)

silvery.saint asks hi, this is poorani chatting frm a frd's id. watched DD and u looked hotter than ever!
ravi says Thanx a lot, Poorani :)

nitishs90 asks hello ravi......i am a big fan of urs.....saw dhamdhoom on 1st day....wats ur next project
ravi says I am currently working on Peraanmai.

surya.kk@sify.com asks Hi, DD really a good movie
ravi says Thanx :)

rameshrjsh asks wats the special in peraanmai
ravi says Watch it an find out!

trustchan asks hi ravi how are u . mY daugter is a great fan of yours and the younger calls santosh everytime she sees u on screen after seeing something something. saw dham dhoom great going we enjoyed it a lot
ravi says Give your daughter my kisses.

shilpar91 asks are you happy with your current position?
ravi says Yes, I definitely am.

saradha_10 asks share ur experience in deep forest
ravi says It was thrilling.

aaanu asks all the very best for a bright future
ravi says Thanks a lot :)

sudhan167 asks Congratulations for your latest success. I think you should start to concentrate yourself in the movie's screenplay. Do u agree ?
ravi says Most definitely. And thank you all so much for chatting with me. I had great fun. Love you all.