Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 21 August 2015

Movie Title



Ravi Nanda Periyasamy

Star Cast

Vijay Vasanth, Saniyathara,Sri Devi

In Jigina, director Ravi Nanda Periyasamy apparently tries to convey a solid message on how advent of Facebook triggers innocent young minds, which eventually leads to great sorrow and pain.

Paavadai Saamy (Vijay Vasanth) is a call taxi driver and he is longing for a chance to chat with young girls. As per the guidance of his IT industry clients, Paavadai creates a fake profile in the name of a photographer, Kishore Kumar whom he met accidentally.  To his luck, Paavadai starts chatting with a good looking Angel Priya (Saneya Tara) on Facebook and eventually falls in love with her.

But later we are shown that another girl named Karugamani who works as a maid in Angel Priya’s house impersonates her on Facebook and she is the one who chats with Paavadai. What happens next? Watch out on big screen…

Director Ravi Nanda Periyasamy’s idea of making a film on a topical subject must be lauded. But the execution is very average with usual romantic clichés and melodramas, which could have been avoided.  

The director reserves Karugamani’s character for the intermission but the fact is that the movie actually gets accelerated only after her introduction, which means the initial one hour almost moves at a snail pace.

Had the director took extra care on dialogues and first half screenplay, the film would have offered a better experience. Now Jigina, can be watched only for the strong message and some interesting moments in the second half.

Vijay Vasanth has improved a lot with his expressions and dialogue delivery; especially his mannerisms in the climax portions are laudable while newcomer Saneya Tara and the rest of the cast are just adequate.

Over all, Jigina is yet another average venture with usual cliches but still watchable once for the strong message!

Verdict: Average

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