Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 04 August 2015

Movie Title



Arun Sekhar

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Ramya Nambeesan

Director Arun Sekhar’s Jilebi is like some of those animated shows that come on TV, exclusively for kids. The little ones laugh as the grown ups keep wondering what is so funny about the whole exercise.

Perhaps inspired by many of those feel-good movies from the West, which narrate simple tales without much twists or turns, this one says about the brief sojourn that a villager named Sreekkuttan (Jayasurya) has with his cousin’s kids, who are on a vacation with their grandparents, in a sleepy village.

Sreekkuttan is a farmer. He is not really friendly with the kids initially but how they become close is what the story says. There are some fine moments during the first half with some funny scenes involving a group of villagers.

Sreekkuttan has to take the two kids to Kodaikanal, where they will be joining a new school. A major portion of the film is about this trip and it becomes a tedious one for the viewers.

The sequences during the road trip look contrived and predictable. It is quite evident that the makers of the film have made this film with a limited budget, eyeing at the satellite rights from TV channels.

It is Jayasurya who holds the film together, with a dedicated performance. He looks convincing and likeable with his Thrissur accent, gradually stealing the kids’ love. Ramya Nambeesan, who plays the mother of the two kids and an advertisement professional based in the Gulf, has nothing much to do. The kids, Philips & the Monkey Pen fame Gaurav Menon and Baby Sayuri, are really good. 

Jilebi could be funny for the young kids. If you are well past that age, the film could be fine in parts, that too once you are ready to think like a kid. Now, decide on which category you belong to.

Verdict: Above Average

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