Jill Jung Juk review: Not funny at all

Jill Jung Juk review: Not funny at all



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 12 February 2016

Movie Title

Jill Jung Juk review: Not funny at all


Dheeraj Vaidy

Star Cast

Siddharth, Avinash Ragudevan, Sanath, Amarendran, Radha Ravi

According to Vadivelu’s description in Kadhalan, Jil means good, Jung is average and Juk means not worthy. Enlighten yourself with this etymology because it would be highly helpful to understand our verdict for Siddharth’s new generation movie that tries hard to be quirky and funny!

The story takes place in 2020 and there is a huge demand for petrol and money. Deiva Nayagam (Amarendran)is an erstwhile powerful gangster and now, he has got one last chance to smuggle his cocaine. For a hassle free trade, Deiva Nayagam seeks the help of a scientist Marunthu (Balaji Perumal), who converts the cocaine into a chemical, paints it on a vintage car to make it shocking pink.

Deiva Nayagam also hires three guys Nan’jil’ Sivaji (Siddharth), ‘Jung’ulingam (Avinash Ragudevan) and Jaguar Jagan(Sanath as Juk) to safely deliver the car to a Chinese gang in Hyderabad. 

Meanwhile, Deiva Nayagam’s sidekick Pai(Bipin) and Marunthu sketches a plan to steal the car from the trio through their guy Narasimhan (Naga) and sell the cocaine to another smuggler Attack Albert(Sai Dheena).

There is also an old friendship and new enmity between Deiva Nayagam and another gangster, Rolex Rowther (Radha Ravi), who is waiting for the right time to take revenge.

Just like any other dark comedies in Tamil cinema (most of them are inspired by Guy Ritchie flicks), here too each and every character has got interesting back stories and to be honest, they initially create good impression but over indulgence and repetitive gags spoils the show.

For instance, Pai’s dialogue modulation is based on the famous ‘HaraHara Mahadeviki’ (the stranger who spreads ‘A’ Joke in Whatsapp in god man style ) but at a point of time, it becomes repetitive and boring.  Certainly, the film works in parts due to the adult jokes but many a time, dialogues fall flat and it’s awkward to see a film which tries too hard to be funny.

Siddharth has given his best as Jill while the rest of the actors are just okay. Technically Vishal Chandrasekar’s music is a big asset to the movie and Shreyaas Krishna’s sleek visuals is yet another solace..

Overall, the film is occasionally ‘Jil’ mostly ‘Jung’ and largely ‘Juk’.

Jil Jung Juk review: Not funny at all

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