Jithan-2 review: Avoidable

Jithan-2 review: Avoid



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 12 April 2016

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Jithan-2 review: Avoidable



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There is a scene in Jithan 2, where the ghost rattles the photo frame of Alfred Hitchcock and the glass splatters on the floor.

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Perhaps the director symbolically conveys that we are about to see the worst possible life-threatening movie of our lifetime. For people who think that we are exaggerating this scene for mere sarcasm and genuinely fear for the ‘so-called’ paranormal activity shown, you are the target audiences for Jithan-2!

Suriya (‘Jithan’ Ramesh) is an introvert and hails from a poor background that his dad’s dream is to build a new house. We are told that Suriya is an assistant manager (where? Don’t ask) and he buys a 2cr worth house for 50 lakhs. As expected, Suriya starts experiencing paranormal activities and he cannot enjoy the happiness of owning a big house.

Jithan 2 is definitely a film, which must be shown to all film students and ensure that the future filmmakers should not even develop any idea to torture poor audiences, who visit theaters for seeking entertainment. Also, by this way we can save Tamil cinema from possible extinction in future.

Generally, even a poorly made movie have some kind of positive aspects to talk about but Jithan 2 is a nightmare, which we want to quickly erase from our memory.
Jithan-2 review: Verdict: Avoid

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