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Friday 10 August 2001

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Prasanth is a worker in a music store repairing musical instruments.He has a gold anklet with him and dreams of a girl.One day he meets his dream girl and it is Simran. Now Simran is a student of a music college where Prasanth goes to repair instruments.

Ambika the principal of the college has a crush on Prasanth and asks him to come along with them to Bangalore for the music competition. Here Prasanth sees a guy taking photos of Simran`s cleavage and beats him up for which Simran chides him . Next a song composed by Simran for the event is sung by a rival group and she thinks Prasanth has passed it on to them. However she goes on stage to sing a song composed by Prasanth and it gets the first prize. She realises her mistake and she accepts Prasanth`s love.

It is only now that real problems start for this young couple. Now the problem is that Prasanth`s father is Nasser a marriage registrar who advises youngsters not to marry without their parent`s permission. He hates girls who come with boys to get married without their parent`s support.

Simran`s father (Vijaykumar) is an orthodox brahmin and music critic who is now in a depressed mood because a budding muscian( Ravi) committted suicide after reading his criticism. Simran and Prashanth plot against their paretns and Simran goes to Nasser posing as the long lost daughter of his neighbour Janakraj. Prasanth goes next door toVijaykumar`s house. Both of them make great efforts to worm their way into the hearts of their future in-laws. Simran manages to get the approval of Nasser but Prasanth suffers a reversal.

He tries to unite the family of a dead musician with Vijaykumar`s family and in the process finds that Vijaykumar has offerred Simran in marriage to Ramesh Aravind, a singer and son of Ravi. Simran goes through the motion of marriage and at the venue Ramesh Aravind breaks out into a song that Simran sung at the competition( Ramesh was one of the judges). Simran runs away from the pandal into the arms of Prasanth.

Ramesh says that he knew it all along and asks Vijaykumar to accept the lovers. The `Jodi` is united. Simran looks cute, pretty and makes a fine pair with Prasanth the lover boy. Rahman`s music is a sheer waste but then when you take his score from a Hindi movie and put Tamil lyrics and string together a storyline the result is the disaster like `Jodi`. Wilson is good but then at places his lighting reveals the blue matt effect.

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