Johnny review:An average watch for audiences who haven’t seen the original

Johnny would be an average watch for the audiences who haven’t seen the original Hindi version

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Friday 14 December 2018

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Prashanth, Prabhu, Ananda Raj, Ashutosh Rana,Aathma, Sayaji Shinde, Sanjita Shetty

Actor Prashanth who used to be one of the most sought after heroes during ‘90s is back with Johnny, the remake of Hindi film Johnny Gaddar. Despite low production values and below-par performance from its lead actors, Johnny is an average watch because of the twists and turns borrowed from the original Hindi version.

A gang of five (Prashanth, Prabhu, Ananda Raj, Ashutosh Rana, and Aathma) operate together to earn money in shortcut route, they prefer gambling, drug trafficking, and more such illegal activities to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Through a police officer (Sayaji Shinde), Prabhu comes to know that a drug package worth Rs 5cr is ready to be sold for 2.5cr so the team assembles to close the deal. 

All five of them contribute 50 lakhs each and Aathma was chosen to hand over the money and collect the package from Kerala. Greedy Shakti (Prashanth) sketches a cunning plan to loot the money from Aathma. However, the plan goes awry and Shakti ends up killing his partner. When the news reaches the gang head (Prabhu), Shakti kills him too. What happens to Shakti who also impersonates as Johnny during his first murder is the crux of the story

Actor Prashanth is adequate but the magic we witnessed in him in the late ‘90s and early 2000s is completely missing. The actor struggles to emote in a few scenes. However, he excels in the action episode. The film appeals to us to an extent because of the core plot and strong supporting actors like Prabhu, Ananda Raj, and Ashutosh Rana. Sanchita Shetty neither got the glam appeal nor showcased her acting skills.

Technically, the film lacks the punch. Cinematography, production design, and editing are very ordinary. All the set works are evident so the film only looks like a better-budgeted teleserial. Director Vetriselvan’s work is not impressive as couldn’t even replicate what the original makers pulled it off in Hindi.

Overall, Johnny would be an average watch for the audiences who haven’t seen the original Hindi but for others, it would be a boring ride.

Johnny reviewVerdict-Average watch

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