Joru Ka Ghulam

Joru Ka Ghulam

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 17 April 2003

Movie Title

Joru Ka Ghulam


Shakeel Noorani

Star Cast

IF one missed the credit titles one could not blame a person for thinking that Joru Ka Ghulam was directed by David Dhawan. It is not. It`s director is Shakeel Noorani who last made Bade Dilwala, a disaster.

Evidently, in the interim he has improved vastly. Or maybe the lead actor has something to do with it. Govinda just needs to be told the outline of the scene he is more than capable of filling in the blanks, specially when it is old partner Kadar Khan playing opposite him. In this film the entire plot revolves around him and with his spontaneity and comic timing he is equal to the demand made of him. Unfortunately nothing of the sort can be said of his co-star Twinkle Khanna who still acts miserably and has a lousy screen presence.

Don`t go by the title. Govinda is not playing Twinkle`s slave. In fact his job is to make her and her three sisters agree to matrimony, none of whom are at all keen to get married much to the anguish of their father Kadar Khan who is willing to give Rs five crore to each son-in-law.

Not that there is any shortage of suitors. It`s just that after having been fed sweets mixed with washing powder, snacks with nails and milkshakes with glue, they run away and never come back. Govinda is a conman who, posing as a custom officer with his buddy Johny Lever, dupes innocent airline passengers.

When he plays the game on a non-resident Indian who has come to India to marry one of Kadar Khan`s daughters, he steals his passport and identity and enters Khan`s house. He falls for Twinkle who is completely disdainful of him. He saves her from being molested and earns her gratitude and love.

They prepare to marry till Kadar Khan throws a spanner in the works and insists that the marriage can only take place if all the girls marry together. This means that Govinda has to not only find three grooms he has to convince the three sisters to marry too.

Meanwhile he also has to contend with a liquor-guzzling uncle who arrives and is always on the verge of spilling the beans. Also thrown in the plot is a villain, an underworld don, Ashish Vidyarthi, who is after his life.

He copes wonderfully taking time off to sing and dance with his lady. There are gags galore, and one liners that will keep you in spits. All that is missing is a heroine who can match Govinda like Karisma and Raveena were able to.

Govinda has his act down pat and there is little that the man cannot do. The wonder is that he does it all so competently, with a goofy smile on his face as if he was enjoying doing it as much as we enjoy seeing it.

Twinkle is bad. Johny Lever and Ashok Saraf support wonderfully and Ashish Vidyarthi is very good as is Ali Asgar, a television actor.

Shakeel Noorani has copied the Dhawan style, but with elan. Aadesh Shrivastava seems to have been given the brief that the songs must be the sort one can dance to, and they are. If one has no great demands from the film and is fond of light timepass, this is the film.

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