July Kaatril review: A Feel-good, breezy movie on urban relationships

July Kaatril is a relevant feel-good drama that sheds light on modern day relationships with pleasant music and neat production design

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

July Kaatril review: A Feel-good, breezy movie on urban relationships



Star Cast

Ananth Nag, Anju Kurian, Samyuktha Menon, Sathish

Too long by at least fifteen minutes, Debutant director KC Sundaram’s July Kaatril is a relevant feel-good drama that sheds light on modern day relationships, pleasant music and neat production design.

It has three independent women and a confused young man who demands more in relationships. What makes July Kaatril as a unique film is the chapter wise narration. Sundaram has actually narrated the story from the point of view of both man and woman so we get to know what's going wrong in a relationship. At a time when most of the crimes are happening because of rejections in relationships, July Kaatril is a topical film!

Rajeev (Ananth Nag) is a workaholic youngster who always thinks about himself in life, he doesn’t care about the opinion of his parents. But when Rajeev tries to be self-centric in relationships, he ends up being at the receiving end. Of course, he gets a chance to reject Shreya (a fabulous Anju Kurian) who is madly in love with him but most of the time Rajeev is in the receiving end.

While Shreya is submissive and tries to adapt to the demanding and self-centric, selfish Rajeev, the latter prefers independent Revathy (Samyuktha Menon). But being an independent girl, Revathy needs her space. However, Rajeev demands her attention and it leads to a break-up.

As they say, time is the best healer, Rajeev decides to take a break from his mechanical life and go on a holiday to Goa where he meets another girl, a freelancer surfing trainer and understands that life is not just about himself, he should give space to others in a relationship. Rajeev becomes a better person, he knows that trust is the most important thing in a relationship and everyone needs their own space.

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The uniqueness of July Kaatril doesn’t end here. In any other Tamil film climax, Rajeev and Revathy would have come together. But here, Revathy is clear about her choice. While it appears that Rajeev has grown up, he only shows his maturity with Shreya by wishing her well but in case of Revathy, he tries to win her again, which it can never ever happen!

The director has given a perfect end to all the characters in the film.

As said earlier, the run-time is one big letdown of the film other than the hero played by Ananth Nag who unfortunately cannot carry this heavy role. The three heroines shine like diamonds.

Technically, July Kaatril is brilliant with fantastic songs and background score from Joshua Sridhar and Dimal Xavier Edwards. The editing style of Anu Charan (director of Kirumi) also deserves a mention as it’s very tough to narrate the love stories in each person’s point of view.

Overall, July Kaatril is a feel-good, breezy romantic film on urban relationships.

July Kaatril review: Relevant feel-good drama

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