Just Just Mathalli

Just Just Mathalli


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 February 2010

Movie Title

Just Just Mathalli



Star Cast

Sudeep, Ramya, Avinash, Rajesh Nataranga, Keerthi Gowda, Sarovar Sanjeev

After three remakes of successful films from other languages, Sudeep in his first independent script has been diligent and stylish but misses the strong dose of entertainment in ?JMM?.

It is too much of dialogues from every character without fun and romance in a protracted style. Yet the narration style, mind blowing cinematography and performances of Ramya and Sudeep gives the film a lift. Free from vulgarity, mindless violence and clich?d comedy tracks, ?JMM? is watchable fare from Shanker Productions.

Siddarth alias Sid (Sudeep) a pop singer on his way to Singapore to find Tanu (Ramya) to express his wish to marry her, opens up to his past to co passenger Adhi (Rajesh). That is the flash back interspersed with conversation on air. Siddarth has huge fan following and he freaks out with girls but without any commitment. One of his fans Divya (Keerthi Gowda) dodges on him repeatedly. Siddarth says strict no to her that leads to Divya?s suicide.

Upset with this he is on an unknown destination. In the railway platform he misses the train and so is Tanu (Ramya). In the dark at the railway station the chatter box Tanu gets the support of Siddarth. When Tanu propose to Siddarth he says ?No? to her and returns. Back home with his music troupe Siddarth is not in perfect mood. By the time he reaches the place of Tanu in Coorg a lot of developments in the life of Tanu made her to settle down in Singapore.

But the twist is that Aadhi to whom he confesses is going to marry Tanu alias Nandini. Sudeep is sensible throughout in his performance and direction. It is Ramya who walks away with scintillating performance in the first half. The dubbing done by Deepu for Ramya role has heightened the strength. Rajesh as Adhi is apt, Avinash as Ramya?s father is precise.

Sri Venkat scores for his fine capture of scenes of the outdoor and indoor locations. Raghu Dixit title track is haunting.

Verdict ? Rntertainer

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