Just Love

Just Love



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 18 May 2014

Movie Title

Just Love


Nagendra Urs

Star Cast

Karthik Jayaram, Neha Saxena, Achyuthkumar, Sangeetha

The transition from small screen to big screen is not as expected for television industry?s super star JK. He may have easily rose to fame with his small screen famous daily soap Ashwini Nakshatra, but he is sure to learn that big screen is not a cake walk and that he will have to struggle and perform even better on screen. We wonder what made the director chose a run of the mill story while he could still have experimented with a better picturization.

Just love is just not the story of love between the two youngsters but the subject also emphasizes on the love amidst the family members, friends and also life partners. A happy go lucky guy JK, who does not get into unnecessary things, falls in love with the lady lead Neha Saxena. The girl is forced to live in an insulated world due to her well-heeled father. The love and the reaction that it receives is helmed in heart rending moments and the following situations form the climax which needs to be watched on screen though it?s a predictable one.

JK is good but not influential as he seems to have been in the hangover of the small screen aura. Choosing a better story could have helped the young performer?s debut. Neha Saxena is good in her glam doll outfit but does not convincingly deliver the performance. The movie has all the commercial elements necessary to pull the audience to the theatres but lacks a well picturized and a strong outline. Editor turned director Nagendra Urs could have chosen to showcase something exceptional in his debut directorial. Music by Satish Babu gels well with the movie though it needs improvisation. The amalgamation of the first timers in the team is evident and ultimately it?s the movie that fails to impress the audience. Go, watch the film if you have ample lot of time and are ready to watch another love story which does not seem exceptional.

Verdict: Average

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