'Just Maduveli' Review

'Just Maduveli' Review

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 07 April 2015

Movie Title

'Just Maduveli' Review


Kolara Seena

Star Cast

Harish Kumar, Deepa, Bullet Prakash, Mimikri Dayanand

'Just Maduveli' reminds one of at least ten movies! Serene landscape,a family that is preparing for a wedding, hero enters the scene,heroine is in love with someone else, love triangle and a not-so-happyending! What a cliche!

Santosh (Harish Jalagere) is a wedding videographer and goes to coverone in Mangalore. In the marriage hall, he finds an attractive girl,Deepa, and immediately falls in love with her, only to realise thatshe is the bride-to-be!

Heartbroken, the protagonist now befriends her, where Deepa revealsthat she is not interested in the marriage and she is in love withanother boy. Our hero now wants to show off his herogiri and promisesto take her to her boyfriend. The duo escape from the marriage halland the family suspects that Santosh and Deepa are in love and hencethey have eloped.

But Santosh’s only aim is to get Deepa married to the man of herdreams; during their journey the duo sing songs, dance in the rain andshare very romantic moments, which is created only to bring a plottwist!

There are hundreds of movies with a similar plot and 'Just Maduveli'offers nothing new. Producer and hero of the film Harish has tried toact but in vain! Deepa looks good on screen and has a good future inSandalwood, only if she chooses to be a part of meaningful script.

Bullet Prakash's comedy is more irritating than entertaining; themakers and the actors have failed to make the audience laugh. Musicand songs are the biggest drawback of this film. Ravi Basrur'scompositions are just about average. At some point the songs get onones nerves! Thanks to mindless placement of songs and few sequences.Proper editing could have resulted in cutting down the film by almosthalf an hour. Director Kolara Seena could have worked on a better plotor at least a better plot twist!

Overall, the movie is just an addition to the list of experiments doneby a newbie team!

Verdict: Below average

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