K L 10 Pathu

K L 10 Pathu

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 20 July 2015

Movie Title

K L 10 Pathu


Muhsin Parari

Star Cast

Unni Mukundan, Chandni Sreedhar

Debutant director Muhsin Parari’s K L 10 Pathu is a delightful picture about the life and culture of Malappuram. The passion of the natives for religion, food and of course football, has been narrated here in an engaging way.

The story is being told to us by a friendly ‘jinn’, played by a terrific Sreenath Bhasi. He introduces us to the characters and their rather quirky ways. 

The main plot revolves around the romance between Ahmad (Unni Mukundan) and Shadiya (Chandni Sreedhar). He is not yet 21 as per records and is an ace footballer in the locality, where the game is treated with utmost seriousness. She is a bold woman, who knows what she wants from life. 

The lovebirds are on the way to get married, as their families are not too keen about their relationship. His family and friends are going in search of the two. And each one of them has an interesting agenda of their own.

Muhsin Parari succeeds in giving his signature to the film and needs a pat on his back for his impressive style. Still, it is perhaps the over confidence of the filmmaker in his own craft that results in the shortcomings as well. The initial sequences of the first half is pretty confusing and it is indeed a flaw considering most of the viewers are being introduced to a territory, with a distinct accent and culture.

But it is the credit of the writer-director that he has handled sensitive religious customs and outlooks without tilting the equations much to any sides. If you are patient enough to sit through the unnecessary detailing in the first half, this one turns out to be quite a delicious trip.

The characters have all been etched beautifully and showing all those lighthearted moments in between the serious issues is just brilliant. Bijibal adds to the effect with his superb music.

Unni Mukundan looks handsome and cool. Chandni Sreedhar makes quite an impression with a good performance. Among the rest of the cast, Sreenath Bhasi and Neeraj Madhav stand out from the rest with their natural style.

K L 10 Pathu may be far from perfect, but this one has its heart at the right place. In these times when sincere efforts are a rarity, this is surely a genuine experiment. If you have an eye to taste something different, try this one.

Verdict: Entertaining

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