Kaala review: Nothing original, surprising or remotely unpredictable

Filled with a plethora of social messages and political propaganda to set the grand stage for Rajinikanth's political entry

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 07 June 2018

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Kaala review: Nothing original, surprising or remotely unpredictable


Pa Ranjith

Star Cast

Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Eshwari Rao, Huma Qureshi

There is nothing original,  surprising or remotely unpredictable in Kaala.  The film is filled with plethora of social messages and political propaganda to set the grand stage for Rajinikanth’s political entry.

Kaala (Rajinikanth) is the leader for people in Dharavi, Mumbai. They trust, love and are eager to obey his every command. Kaala is the most influential personality in Dharavi and decides who should win in the election. He has a beautiful family comprising his innocent wife Selvi (Eshwari Rao), four sons and grandchildren. Kaala has a subtle nostalgic romantic angle with his ex-lover Zareena (Huma Qureshi). His life goes well till the arrival of a selfish politician Hari (Nana Patekar) who wants to grab Dharavi in the name of purifying the slums. The rest of the film is all about the battle between the black yet honest Kaala and white yet evil Hari.

The first half of Kaala works mainly because of the strong characterization of Rajinikanth along with his powerful performance and screen presence. Superstar looks aged but owns the screen and his energy level is unparallel at the age of 67! The way Ranjith projects Kaala's relationship with Eswari Rao and Huma Qureshi has a cute, classy touch. Both the actresses have done their roles with ease. Nana Patekar is largely wasted while the supporting cast of Samuthirakani, Dhilipan, Anjali Patil and Manikandan have forgettable roles.

What works against Kaala is the political propaganda which overshadows everything. The message is preachy and the subtlety of Pa Ranjith's presentation in films like Attakathi and Madras is missing.The long climax is unimpressive and tedious. Another major drawback of this Rajinikanth film are the songs and BGM. It is Santhosh Narayan's worst album ever and there is not even one song which impress.

Technically, Murali's cinematography beautifully captured the slums of Dharavi and the art direction is top class. Overall, Kaala is an average political propaganda film which is watchable only for Rajinikanth and a few high moments.

Kaala review- Verdict: An opportunity wasted

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Reactions from Social Media:
Prashanth Rangaswamy @itisprashanth

People living in Dharavi, Mumbai. If they are watching #Kaala - I think no one will come out without tears in their eyes. I think this movie will make them even stronger and will make them fight even harder !!

Christopher Kanagaraj @Chrissuccess
#Kaala | 2nd hlf - Full of protest ‘Land is our right’ , Superstar mass is completely missing. Nana Patekar was literally wasted. Dead Old story & Uninteresting screenplay. Expected a Rajini film, but its actually a half baked Pa Ranjith film. ‘Porattam Poraattam..’ Kabali

sandeep @goforsandeep85
#kaala Finished premiere in Dubai... One of the best movies of Rajinikanth... Perfect for age n style n Mass... Amazing bgm and cinematography and Nana patekar amazing... Depiction of what exactly went wrong in sterlite protests #kaalareview

thamizhan @thamizh46033421
Watching a good movie will leave some thoughts about it for sometime..!! But #Kaala will leave thoughts for days & weeks to come..!! Difficult to come out of it! A perfect #Rajinikanth treat..!! Ranjith proved, he can use #Rajni better than director Sankar #Kaala #Kaalareview

Sivaji @Guru42307465
I would say #kaala⁠ ⁠ is worse than Kabali . Nothing new, the story itself is ancient with old shots and scenes. #KaalaReview I like the romantic portion between Eswari rao and Rajini

Karthik Rajamanickam @t_r_karthik
Kaala mass...
Verdict: Simple Subject line relying on Rajini n Nana Paterkar's mass presence..
These days no movie runs just for a subject line with no story in it...
Definitely not satisfied...Kaala disappointed even as a Rajini fan

Sujan Venkat @sujanv
#Kaala is a fitting reply to anyone who branded Rajini as BJP. Only he has the guts to do a movie with such a strong msg to BJP in every frame of the movie ! #KaalaReview #KaalatheRageofRajinikanth

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