Kaalidas review: Smart investigation thriller

Kaalidas review: Smart investigation thriller

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 13 December 2019

Movie Title

Kaalidas review: Smart investigation thriller


Sri Senthil

Star Cast

Bharath, Ann Sheetal, Suresh Menon

Debutant director Sri Senthil's Kaalidas is a neatly written and executed crime thriller. The biggest strength is that the murders are not gory and the twists are organic- yet the film manages us to engage throughout. 

Yes, the lack of budget is very evident as the sets look tacky but the film entertains us mainly because of the good writing and performance of the lead actors.

Kaalidas(Bharath) is basically a good cop. In his introduction scene, he mediates with a man who is trying to kill himself and helping him to come out of his problems. Kaalidas also visits residential apartments and tell them that they can reach out to cops for their issues. But due to extreme work pressure, he is unable to spend quality time with his wife (brilliant Ann Sheetal). In his jurisdiction, Kaalidas finds unusual deaths of women falling from high rise buildings. He suspects it to be a suicide but his superior officer (Suresh Menon) believes that someone has pushed them from the top. Who is the killer?

Kaalidas can be termed as a comeback film for Bharath who shines in the upright cop role with his fit physique and confident body language. His relationship with superior officer Suresh Menon has also been nicely handled. But the show stealers of the film are Ann Sheetal and Suresh Menon. Sheetal has perfectly expressed the mental agony and stress of the modern-day homemakers, her performance in the pre-climax is sure to be the talking point of the film. The actress brings in so much intensity even in a normal scene. Similarly, Suresh Menon's matured effortless performance is another huge advantage for Kaalidas. His base voice and the majestic walk perfectly suits for the senior cop who also offers personal advice to Bharath.

There is a chain-snatching incident that happens in the beginning and the director rightly connects it with a scene in the second half. Ann Sheetal talks about her dream boy 'Pappu' to her friend and it also perfectly in sync with the climax. To be precise, every dialogue, scenes, and characters are there for a reason in the film. Had the director got a better budget, the making standards would have been improved. The comedy scenes inside the police station evoke laughter but it could've been subtle considering the realistic treatment in the investigation scenes.

Vishal Chandrasekhar's songs and background score are a big plus for the film. Bhuvan's racy cuts is another big plus, his editing pattern rightly reveals what should be told and what shouldn't be told in both the halves. The runtime is just above 120 minutes so the crisp duration treatment is another major advantage.

Overall, Kaalidas is a smart investigation thriller that conveys an important message to this fast-moving society without being preachy.

Kaalidas review: Smart investigation thriller

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