Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 07 October 2013

Movie Title



Jeeyen Krishnakumar

Star Cast

Indrajith, Murali Gopi, Archana Gupta

The legendary 'David & Goliath' tussle has been a favourite plot for filmmakers of all times to mould their storylines. There have been several versions in Malayalam before and the latest addition to the list is Jeeyen Krishnakumar's Kaanchi.

Peringodan (Murali Gopi) is an archetypal villain, who is rich and kills people like it is just normal. He is said to be having a business empire but all he does is to search for horoscopes of virtually everyone, whom he thinks has any chance of killing him.

Things go hunky dory for the villain until he brutally stabs the son of a jewelry merchant in broad daylight. A small time shop owner named Madhavan (Indrajith) is a witness to this gruesome murder.

Now Madhavan is in a difficult situation and what happens next is in highly predictable lines. Then there is a revolver and some street kids that travels along this journey in an unconvincing way.

But all that is not surprising as the whole journey of this film is pretty baffling as well, with a mundane script by Jeyamohan. The director has made some efforts to package it in an attractive way, but the film fails to make any impact whatsoever.

Most of the scenes look jaded and traces of yesteryear classics like Kireedam never helps in the process. This one has been lazily made with no real passion and it shows on screen.

Murali Gopi tries to do a menacing act and often it ends up as unintentionally funny. Indrajith looks totally lost. The rest of the cast, which includes the female lead Archana Gupta, have nothing much to do.

Kaanchi is like a cold glass of coffee that you find on your bedside as you get up on a cool morning. You can have it, but it won't give you any particular feeling. Decide on your own, if you want it or to go for some sparkling hot cup that will make you feel fresh!

Verdict: Below Average

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