Kabadadaari review: Taut crime thriller


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Critic's Rating: 4/5

Thursday 28 January 2021

Movie Title

Kabadadaari review: Taut crime thriller


Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Star Cast

Sibiraj, Nassar, Jayaprakash, Nandita Swetha

Pradeep Krishnamoorthy's Kabadadaari is the official Tamil remake of Kannada hit Kavaludaari. The Tamil version is a faithful remake but the director has tried to fasten the pace through a racy editing pattern to suit the taste of the Tamil audiences.

Shakti(Sibiraj) is an upright ambitious young traffic cop in Chennai but his biggest dream is to work in the crime department. Whenever he asks his superior for an opportunity, they make fun of him and say to work hard in the lucrative job that gives him more corrupted money. 

When Shakti happens to see three skulls in a flyover construction site, he starts digging into the case thinking that it could be cold-blooded murder. To his surprise, Shakti came to know that thirty-five years ago an officer from the archaeological department, his wife, and their only daughter had gone missing. 

The three skulls found were matching the age of the missing case. To investigate further, Shakti approaches Ranjan (Nassar), a drunkard retired cop who investigated the case thirty-five years ago. Though Ranjan initially rejects Shakti's request, he agrees to help him after repeated requests and perseverance of the young cop. Meanwhile, a senior yet small-time reporter (Jayaprakash)also offers to help Shakti. Can these three unsolve the mystery?

Sibiraj has tried his best to play the upright cop Shakti, he looks fit to play the man in Khaki. Veterans Nassar and Jayaprakash have done their parts well while there is nothing much to say about Nandita Swetha, who plays Jayaprakash's daughter. Sampath who played the antagonist in the original has also been retained here in Tamil but he is not that impressive compared to the Kannada version.

The first half of the film is as good as the original but the second half of the film has a few issues. However, the film will satisfy the crime mystery lovers and those who haven't seen the original version.

Technically, Simon K King's background score is a big plus for the film, and Rasamathi's cinematography is functional. Editor Praveen KL has tried to present a racier version in Tamil.

Overall, Kabadadaari is a faithful remake of the Kannada version with a slightly fast-paced presentation. Go watch it in theatres near you. 

Verdict: Satisfying watch





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