Kacheri Aarambam

Kacheri Aarambam


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Saturday 20 March 2010

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Kacheri Aarambam



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Jiiva has reinvented himself as a mass masala super hero with his new Thiraivannan directed Kachery Aarambam is rip roaring fun. Those who loved Tamil Padam, may take to ?Kacheri? humour with a straw, it?s plenty tickling.

Leave your logical mind home and just watch the Jiiva style spoof on unadulterated mass movies and you will enjoy it. The hero of the film carries out a regular soliloquy with the audiences and tells them- ?I?m going to sing a song? or ?now its climax time, let the action start?. On another instance Jiiva says: ? It looks like a mass film story idea, my dad (RB Chowdhary) will be interested to make it.?

You can?t say it is a total spoof but the story and treatment by the director is ?don?t take the film seriously; it?s the way Tamil mass movies are made.? The story and situations have been etched from various earlier Tamil mass masala movies like Run, Tirupachi, Ghilli etc, etc and pokes fun at mass heroes like Ajith and Vijay.

Paari (Jiiva) a small town middle class guy is a do gooder and helps people in distress. Like all mass heroes he conducts marriages between lovers, donates his bike to the bride groom as dowry when he threatens to walk out of the marriage. Soon his rich father (Azhagarperumal) has a showdown with Paari which results in our hero taking a train to Chennai.

In Chennai he is saved from being hit by a water tanker by Mathi (Poonam Bajwa) and it is love at first sight for our hero. But the most notorious gangster in city Royapuram Sivamani (JD Chakravarthy) has a one sided love affair with her and kills those who take a liking for her. The rest of the film is how Paari cons Sivamani by pretending to act as cupid and ends up with the girl!

Vadivel as hero?s boss and friend ?Burma Bazar Deepavali? does everything a typical Tamil film style comedian does- a idiot who gets beaten up by all and sundry and is permanently fooled by the hero. It is ?Kathal? Dhandapani who is a scream as one of the comic villains who is in love with heroine, and dies just like hero Bharath in Kathal, and is a spoof on the character he played in the film! JD Chakravarthy as the villain is menacing at the same time his comic act as a love struck gangster is hilarious.

Jiiva is a welcome relief as a mass hero and does his role in style especially the stupid moments when he cons Chakravarthy, about buying a ?jeans? for his mother who always wanted to wear them! Poonam Bajwa in a pivotal role as the bone of contention between the hero and the villain has done a neat job. The camera of Vaithi gives an added pep to the narration, with D Immam belting out racy groovy numbers which have energy in them.

Thiraivannan?s Kacheri Aarambam is another funny take on Tamil masala movies. The second half drags a bit, but nevertheless, go have your share of fun knowing very well it is a corny film.

Verdict- Comedy mass masala

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