Kadaikutty Singam will satisfy its target audiences & Karthi fans

Kadaikutty Singam will satisfy its target audiences & Karthi fans

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 15 July 2018

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Kadaikutty Singam will satisfy its target audiences & Karthi fans



Star Cast

Karthi, Sathyaraj, Sayyeshaa, Soori,

Director Pandiraj has gone back to Tamil cinema’s most favourite genre of the 80's and 90's: rural family drama with a plenty of characters, ego tussle within family members, hate and love relationship with siblings, a cunning villain and preachy dialogues highlighting family values.

Although Perunazhi Rangasingham (Sathyaraj) has five daughters from his two wives Vaanavan Devi (Viji Chandrasekhar) and her younger sister Panjavan Maadevi (Bhanu Priya), he is yearning for a male child in his late 50's.

After much drama, our hero Perunazhi Gunasingam (Karthi) aka ‘Kadai Kutty Singam’ is born.

The entire family wants Gunasingam to marry one of his two nieces — Poompozhil Sellamaa (Priya Bhavani Shankar) or Aandaal Priyadarshini (Arthana Binu). But the twist is that our hero who is a proud farmer falls in love with Kannukiyaal (Sayyeshaa), daughter of Thilai Nayagam (Ponvannan) whose sister was supposed to marry Ranasingam but the wedding called off as soon as the latter's wife delivered a male child! In order to marry Kannukiyaal, Gunasingam has to convince his sisters, their husbands and almost everyone in the family! Will Gunasingam get married to his lady love?

Kadai Kutty Singam’s biggest strength is its village milieu, its message and huge star cast. It will be a treat for audiences who love watching such family dramas which focuses on family bonding. Though the presentation and melodrama are a bit exaggerated and loud, there is an audience for such a genre.

Karthi holds together both the family and the film with his towering performance. As a proud farmer, he mouths dialogues glorifying the pride of farmers, Tamil culture, thoughts against caste politics and discrimination. Easily, Karthi is one of the very few Tamil actors who can effortlessly get into the skin of rural roles.

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Sathyaraj’s screen presence is another major plus for the film. Soori who comes as Karthi’s nephew tickle the funny bones with his one-liners. The big ensemble of supporting cast is apt. Sayyeshaa sparkles as a village girl and is clearly going to be the toast of tinselville. With her beauty, talent and screen presence, this Mumbai girl is sure to win over the Tamil audiences.  Priya Bhavani Shankar has a meaty role and Arthana Binu attracts with her innocent looks. Imman once again scores with his hit rural tracks and mass background score. Velraj's camerawork is good.

On the downside, the villain is not powerful nor are the reasons behind his tiff with the hero convincing. The film is melodramatic and its preachy tone gives it an old-fashioned feel.

To conclude, Kadai Kutty Singam will satisfy its target audiences and fans of Karthi will not complain.

Kadaikutty Singam review Verdict: Satisfying family entertainer

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 Riyaz A @RiyazMyName
#KadaikuttySingam - Seriously After Very Very Long A Real Perfect Family Entertainment MovieCongrats to @Karthi_Offl sir @pandiraj_dir sir @soundar4uall machi & @sakthivelan_b bro

santhoshraj @Iamsantho150197
#KadaikuttySingam A good family entertainer after long time! Go nd watch it with ur families! B and C center audience surely you will love this movie! @Suriya_offl @Karthi_Offl @sayyeshaa @2D_ENTPVTLTD @pandiraj_dir @KarthiFans24x7

Aadith Bommannan @bomms235
#KadaiKuttySingam - @Karthi_Offl anna getting in love with your acting, screen presence & the emotions. I see a brother from my family in the screen & each one like my relatives. You’re script knowledge is awesome & @Suriya_offl anna hats-off for producing such wonderful film

Prashanth Rangaswamy @itisprashanth
#KadaikuttySingam - If you lived/living in a Joint family, if u lived / living in a small town with all your cousins - You will cry atleast once during the second half. But -Not all are impressed with the sentiment, most are !! An agmark family entertainer after a long long time!

S.R.Prabhu @prabhu_sr
It’s been ages since a movie moved me so much! The drama was too good...that you would want to watch with your whole family again!! @pandiraj_dir Super work team... #KadaikuttySingam

Venkatramanan @VenkatRamanan_
#KadaikuttySingam -
Good content family drama executed with commercial notes ensuring the entertainment. Neat theatrical movie experience. Personally loving this !!

Review Ram @MovieReviewRam
#KadaikuttySingam (Tamil) - Interval - Plus points: @Karthi_Offl fits perfectly as a young farmer. @pandiraj_dir's message oriented dialogues are strong. @immancomposer's BGM & @VelrajR's camera work are impressive. @sooriofficial 's humour works at places. @2D_ENTPVTLTD

bharathnt @bharath1
#KadaiKuttySingam is a crisp family drama, which is rarely made in Tamil cinema these days. @pandiraj_dir has treaded a difficult path with ease. Brother-sister bonding is well said. @Karthi_Offl holds the movie together @Suriya_offl

ramnath shankar @ramnathtweets
#KadaikuttySingam : A lovely film that emphasises the importance of farming , family bonding , affection ! Loved the way @Karthi_Offl has performed in the movie. @sooriofficial ‘s comedy timing too was good . @sayyeshaa was pretty good . . Cameo by @Suriya_offl ( A good watch )

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