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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 15 April 2010

Movie Title



Sasi Paravoor

Star Cast

Suresh Gopi, Shwetha Menon, Shwetha Vijay

The first thing that comes to your mind after watching director Sasi Paravoor's Kadaksham may be that it would have been a nice story if published in print. What lacks here is a convincing cinematic adaptation of the story, which would have been pretty effective if told in a modern way. But no such luck here and it has been packaged in a highly traditional manner. The result is that the film ends up as a just-about-okay experience, in the end.

Janaki (Shwetha Vijay) is a maid at painter Nathan's (Suresh Gopi) house. Nathan lives there with his ailing father (played by Vijayaraghavan), his young daughter and few domestic helps. His wife Revathy (Shwetha Menon) comes home only once in a while, as she is busy with her researches. Though Nathan and Revathy behave as if a normal couple, they have certain issues burning in their minds that have developed a rift between them.

Janaki has a troubled life and lives with her husband, Madhavan (Jagathy Sreekumar), a theater artiste and a drunkard. She is worried about her young daughter, who has been sent to Bangalore to look after a kid, on the assurance that they will take care of her studies as well. Nathan's daughter is taken care of very well by Janaki, while Revathy is away with her research. Soon Nathan finds inspiration in Janaki's ample charms.

Well, without spoiling the fun, this is the background of the story. There is a twist in the tale towards the end and that is actually what the story is all about. In fact, the whole cinema is a journey towards that part of the story and in all fairness, it is good enough to shake you up to some extent as well.

But there lies the problem with the film as well. It is fine if certain things remain unanswered and are left to the viewers to find answers out of their intelligence. But then, that cannot be a reason enough for lack of clarity. Kadaksham has its moments for sure, and shows promise but with too many loose ends, the film leaves you confused rather than excited.

Suresh Gopi looks good in his rather brief role and is quite comfortable with a paint brush, instead of the usual revolver in his hand! Shwetha Menon shows why as an actor you don't need too many scenes to mark your eminence as a performer. Beauty queen turned actor Shwetha Vijay looks evidently beautiful and at ease in the song sequence Prananadhanenikku?, but has just about managed to look convincing during the rest of the sequences. One of the highlights of the film could be the fascinating performance of Jagathy Sreekumar, who gives an altogether different meaning to his role with sheer versatility.

The director, who has also written the script (with dialogues by Muralikrishna), seems to have gone ahead and made this film just based on its climax. But then he should have been more imaginative or creative on the journey until the suspense portion of the film. Though there is not much similarity in the plots as such, the amazing way in which Ron Howard's classic movie A Beautiful Mind has been shaped comes to our mind, while we think about how different the story could have been narrated. On the technical aspects, Ramachandrababu's camera is fine and M Jayachandran's music is quite good.

There are several aspects that you may like about this film and it may not be a complete waste of time like some of the films during recent times. Now, if that is what you look forward from a film, you may find this one pretty fine.

Verdict: Watchable

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