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Friday 05 February 2010

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Befitting its title; Kathai, boasts of a story that is intriguing and new; considering the present state of Tamil cinema. Dealing with the psychological tribulations of a booker prize winner; this film is a tale about the volatile mental state of a writer who is yearning to write about the deepest emotions his characters go through, by adopting methods far beyond ethical human values.

The story jots down the life of a writer Naren (Shaan) fresh from his booker prize; Reveals that he just has one more book left in him after bagging the prestigious award. The inquisitive writer goes on to stalk Kavya (Niveditha)- a young violinist on the pretext of talking about music.

After few chance meetings between them, love blossoms and ends in marriage. The narration takes a violent turn and moves at a break neck pace when it is revealed that Naren is manipulating Kavya merely to understand the psyche of his women characters.

Things go awry as Kavya learns about her writer husband?s exploits in constantly staging her life?s events with precision rivalled only by a seasoned surgeon. He methodically writes about her most innate emotions, with an unflinching conviction as he tries to get as close to reality including her miscarriages and their first love making session together.

Desperate for a break they take a vacation in United States; but destiny has other ideas. Kavya bumps into her old friend who she fondly calls Bujji (Abhinav). This old friend of hers manages to lift her sagging spirits and tries to salvage her ugly life only to find out that she has been manipulated yet again. The story races towards a riveting last 20 minutes with thrills that enthrall your senses.

Debutant Shaan essaying a lead role with complex undertones displays strains of his virgin attempt in facing the camera; especially in scenes where he plays the handsome hunk trying to stalk an unknown girl. As the story unfolds he settles down nicely to portray the subtleness that was lacking in his avatar as the love struck man as his character turns violent and insane.

Abhishek ?The writer- director should be patted on his back for touching up on such a heavy subject; How ever, he manages to provide details of his tryst with small screen way too often; case in point - dialogues. Perhaps, an experienced writer could have helped this content enormously.

Nivedhitha who plays Kavya surprises us with a performance that you seldom expect from a debutant. She essays a role of Naren?s wife; replete with constant psychological pressure and severe trauma, and yet shows no signs of buckling under the enormous weight of her role. She delivers difficult scenes with panache taking us into her world. A part of that credit must go to the writer and director Abhishek for having written the lead role with lots of substance ? Unheard of in Tamil Cinema in the present scenario.

It?s hard not to think that a seasoned director would have been better suited to paint this wonderful script on the silver screen. Abhishek?s directorial proficiency comes to the fore at certain instances where he excels as a director; prolonging such good phases through out the film would have kept the narration in good stead.

The back ground score works good enough for a thriller with score matching the mood on most occasions. The director and the producer should realize that deplorable comedy scenes (Enacted by Kanja Karuppu) take up a chunk of the screen time without desired benefits. They are neither good nor help the film.

This thriller is worth your time; if you choose to excuse the low production values and hiccups in the histrionics department in favor of good story and decent story telling.

Verdict- OK

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