Kadhale En Kadhale

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 31 July 2006

Movie Title

Kadhale En Kadhale



Star Cast

Naveen, Sruthi Keerthi, Rama

Kadhale En Kadhale is an amateur attempt by writer-director P.C.Sekhar to make a candy floss love story with newcomers. Sekhar goes for the favourite formula among all genres in Cinema- the great triangular love story.

Rajiv (Naveen) fall headline and sinker for Pragathi (Shruthi Keerthi) the most fashionable, up market girl in Engineering College who takes him for a sucker ride. Meanwhile Krithika (Roma) a family friend joins college and secretly falls for Rajiv!

After running around trees for sometime, at the interval point Pragati says ?No? to Rajiv while Krithika becomes his mentor who encourages him to greater heights. Post interval our hero is software professional in a big IT firm and his parents decide to get him married to, who else but Pragati!

But he is not interested but once again the ever sacrificing Krithika steps in and finally the twist in the tale happens. The film looks more like a play than a candy floss romance as it is told at leisurely pace that induces sleep. The script is too silly and lead actors have miles to go as far as acting goes. Naveen the hero has a deadpan dialogue delivery. Roma is likeable but cannot emote while Shruti Keerthi has potential to be an item girl. The music by Prayog is serviceable.

Verdict: Snore!

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