The Dileep-starrer has every ingredient that you ask for from a masala entertainer

The Dileep-starrer has every ingredient that you ask for from a masala entertainer


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 15 August 2011

Movie Title

The Dileep-starrer has every ingredient that you ask for from a masala entertainer



Star Cast

Urvashi, Kalabhavan Prajod, Roma

Director Dileep?s Kadhayile Naayika has every ingredient that you ask for from a masala entertainer. From melodrama, humour, tears, song n dance, murder mystery to sentiments, there is a bit of it all to make things sufficiently spicy. But if you consider it?s a low profile attempt by a group of relative newcomers and go easy on expectations, well, the film is an okay attempt.

Nandini (Urvashi) is a finicky Municipal overseer, who also works as a marriage-broker. Her husband was killed and she lives with her two daughters, mother, mother-in-law and brother. She may create a scene even for silly things but has a heart made of gold. Her brother Siva (Kalabhavan Prajod) is a TV anchor in a local channel and hopes to become a movie star some day.

Then there is another ?parallel? plot, a murder happening at the beginning of the story where three members of a family are killed by a gang of youngsters. The efforts are to link both the stories. And the link is Archana (Roma), the only daughter of a rich businessman.

There are some sub plots as well, the prominent one being the feuding couple played by Suraj Venjarammood and Subi. Shari drops in for some moments and there are a few more to prove how genuine Nandini is.

Still, the main doubt that the audience will have as the end titles start rolling is, why are the cops not investigating the multiple murders? But then, thinking too much about such details could be taking the storyline way too seriously than the makers would have liked.

There are too many shortcomings to point out and the melodrama makes you cringe at times as well, but there is no denying that this film has some nice moments in between. Dileep, who has made the film based on the script by Sinoj Nedumgolam, has perhaps molded it into the format of a TV serial. Sadat S? camera and Tej Mervin?s songs are okay.

The best thing about the film is Urvashi, who once again proves her incredible histrionic talent. The rest of the cast supports her pretty well. Kalabhavan Prajod, who gets a promotion as a hero from his usual comic avatar has been used intelligently. Roma, who is there only for a few scenes and some songs, has nothing much to do and that she has done in a half-hearted manner. Suraj Venjarammood looks nice and his jokes are fine.

If you go for the film without much expectation, Kadhayile Naayika may turn out to be a watchable fare at best. That is, when we don?t scan it too much based on its merits. Now, decide on your own if you want to give it a try.

Verdict: Average

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