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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 31 May 2009

Movie Title



Harish Raj

Star Cast

Harish Raj, Radhika Gandhi, Suman Ranganath, Dwarakish

Actor Harish Raj's directorial debut Kalaakar is a sincere portrayal about the life of an upcoming actor in the film industry. Had the first half of the film, been a little more gripping, the film would have been very good. Harish has reserved all twists and turns for the second half but Harish emerges as a winner for sensitively handling the film.

Hari, who is keen to make it big in films faces opposition from family members especially his father. He goes from pillar to post to enter the cine field but the derth of funds haunts him. He arranges for Rs.15 lakhs demanded by a director to make a hero but he is ditched. How Hari collect Rs.15 lakhs is a suspense part unveiled in the second half.

Meanwhile Hari is thrown out of the house and through a friend; he gets a job as a cleaner boy in a shooting spot. He rises to the position of a clap boy very soon. In a clash between the veteran director and hero, the fortune of Hari opens up. The hero facing the camera challenges the director to prove his mettle by making a clap boy as hero.

That is what the director (played by veteran actor cum director Dwarakish) does and Hari struggles hard. He is supported by his co star Suman and the film premiere is ready. At this stage a few more suspense unleashed gives extra dimension to the whole film. That is a suspense part of the film.

Taking multiple responsibilities Harish Raj is very circumspect in his acting. He has purposefully kept the action away and the trials and tribulations before becoming an actor he has showed with great skill. In a Mallu girl costume, Harish Raj steals the show. He is good in romantic moments too.

Radhika Gandhi has no good scope while Suman Ranganath is eye candy. Racy dance numbers from Suman Ranganath would have given commercial strength to this cinema. Avinash is as impressive as ever.

Giridhar Diwan gets hold of two good tunes out of five he has done for this film. HM Ramachandra has not given room for flaws.

Verdict- Average entertainer

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