Kalakalappu-2 review: Emerges a clear winner as an enjoyable ride

Scores primarily because it takes you to a happy zone

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 09 February 2018

Movie Title

Kalakalappu-2 review: Emerges a clear winner as an enjoyable ride


Sundar C.

Star Cast

Jiiva, Shiva, Jai, Nikki, Catherine, Yogi

Sundar C's Kalakalappu was set in a small town Kumbakonam but for its sequel, the director has selected the colorful Kasi backdrop. Just like the original, here too we have a truck full of comedians and a film held together by jokes and some sparkling dialogues. This is a movie that works on account of the clap-trap dialogues, and the authentic texture of the world that it’s set in.

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All the characters are all cool, light and easy.  So cool in fact, that they sometimes come off looking silly. Silliness aside, Kalakalappu-2 is a refreshing film because of Hip Hop Aadhi's peppy songs, the colourful picturisation and Kasi locations.

Ragu (Jai) comes to Kasi to claim his ancestral property which is now in the hands of Seenu (Jiiva), who runs it as a mansion. Ragu seeks the help of local Tahsildar Aishwarya (Nikki Galrani) to know the location of his property but she secretly helps her good friend Seenu. In the process, Ragu and Aishu start meeting often and love develops between the two.

Meanwhile, Seenu also finds his love in Hema (Catherine) who happens to be his future brother-in-law (Sathish)'s lovely sister. When the real truth about the property comes out, Ragu says that Seenu is also eligible for an equal share in the property. When everything seems to be fine, Ragu and Seenu come to know about the whereabouts of Ganesh(Shiva), a petty thief who looted five lakhs each from our heroes. Will Ragu and Seenu get their money back?

Sundar C manages to entertain us with a huge line up of comedians including Sathish, Yogi Babu, Santhanabharathy, Ramdoss, Mano Bala, VTV Ganesh, Singampuli, Singamuthu and Robo Shankar. But the real action only begins in the last twenty minutes of climax, which is hilarious and the series of events bring the roof down. The actors look like they actually enjoyed making this film.

Jai, Jiiva, Catherine and Nikki are just adequate for the film, they merely helped to add star value. To be honest, Shiva is the hero of the film and it is his impeccable timing and natural flair for comedy along with dialogues and jokes he cracks with a  straight face that works big time. Sundar C's solid comic writing in the climax is another biggest strength.

Technically, colorful frames of UK Senthilkumar and Kasi backdrop give the vibrant feel to the film. Kalakalappu 2 scores primarily because it takes you to a happy zone. Sundar C has packaged the film with necessary elements to entertain his target audiences. On the whole, the film emerges a clear winner. Much of that credit must go to its actors who pull out all stops to make it an enjoyable ride.

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Reactions from Social Media:
Sathish Kumar M @sathishmsk

#Kalakalappu2 is a decent comedy entertainer with all the commercial elements, which we expect from #SundarC movies. Lots of comedy actors make us laugh at various scenes along with lead actors. People who liked #Kalakalappu & #SundarC movies will like it.

Manoj Kumar @iManojkumarr
#Kalakalappu2 Sema comedy entertainer #SundarC sir kalakitiga @Actorjiiva @Actor_Jai rocks @actorshiva Vera level best wishes to entire team @khushsundar @hiphoptamizha songs and background score super

Jyothsna B Shankar @jyothsnab
Replying to @LMKMovieManiac @iYogiBabu @actorsathishtrue! enjoyed it thoroughly, being a huge fan of #Kalakalappu

Sidhu @sidhuwrites
#Kalakalappu2: Complete stress buster. Sundar C once again proves he's the king of comic commercial entertainers, he maintains the tempo full time with excellent timing and constant laughter. Sure shot this!

Christopher Kanagaraj @Chrissuccess
#Kalakalappu2 - Adichu thuvacha storyline; Among d huge star cast, ultimate show stealer is Shiva, though he appears post interval his portions r gud. Nikki & Cath for glamour quotient, works in favour of d film. 1st half is plain drama, 2nd half comedy brings laugh. 1 tym watch.

Arif @muthusubanya
#Kalakalappu2 . Completed!!! Fun ride!!! If you like sundar. C template won't disappoint you. Second half stands high with yogibabu and siva one liner. Loved it. Book the tickets with your family and enjoy it. Stress relief movie. Will work all centres.

Suriya 36 @tsksuriyapongal
At #KalaKalappu2 Strictly For The Brand SundarC@khushsundar@AvniGroups @Actorjiiva @Actor_Jai @nikkigalrani @manobalam @actorshiva Comedy Rollercoaster RiotMissed #KalaKalappu 1 part but not #Kalakalapu2

anand @anandviswajit
#Kalakalappu2 - Marana Mokka, totally time waste... only few comedy is just OK, too lengthy...Rating : 2/5

S Abishek @cinemapayyan
There is something weird about @Actorjiiva ‘s Voice quality in #Kalakalappu2

Rajasekar @sekartweets
#Kalakalappu2 - Just like the first part, the climax stretch is a laugh riot. Santhanam's absence is felt but Sundar C's solid climax episode brings the roof down, an enjoyable fun ride.

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