Kalam review: Watchable horror thriller

Kalam review:Watchable horror thriller



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 30 April 2016

Movie Title

Kalam review: Watchable horror thriller


Robert Raaj

Star Cast

Amzath, Lakshmi Priya, Madhu Sudhanan, Pooja, Shrini

Kalam is definitely not our regular horror thriller, the actual suspense factor in the film is the climax and the pulpy end leaves us stunned. But the main issue with Kalam is the slow pace and the predictable horror gimmicks before the major surprise unfolds.

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Gautham (Amzad) is the son of the wealthy businessman (Madhu Sudhanan). But Gautham hates his dad's business protocol and his illegal land grabbing activities. At one point of time, he opposes his dad and marries Lakshmi Priya. But on his mom's insistence, he returns from US with wife and little daughter.

For his son, Gautham's dad grabs an isolated house and modifies it into a posh bungalow. But both Gautham and his wife start experiencing paranormal activities and they even find out that the former residents of the house were buried in the backyard. What happens next? Watch the film to know, make sure to watch the last fifteen minutes!

The film moves at a slow, deliberate pace, keeping you involved with the characters and their predicament throughout. The director must be appreciated for the twist in the climax. May be, the film should have been actually started with the climax and we may have got a horror comedy, which is Tamil cinema's favorite genre!

Performance wise, all the actors are just adequate as there is no big scope for any of them and the director has only given importance to the look and feel with eye catchy interiors of the house and efficient lighting.

Technically, cinematography by Mukesh is huge plus while the music is just okay and the sound design, which is an integral part of the horror thriller too is above average. The film is undoubtedly a fine attempt by the director Robert Raaj.

To conclude, Kalam is a watchable horror thriller. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Kalam review: Verdict: Watchable horror thriller

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