Kalari review:Watch it strictly at your own risk

Kalari review :Watch it strictly at your own risk

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 24 August 2018

Movie Title

Kalari review:Watch it strictly at your own risk


Kiran Chand

Star Cast

Krishna, Samyuktha, Vidya Pradeep, Jayaprakash, MS Baskar

Kalari is an unfortunate mess of a movie, from actor Krishna who seems to be struggling to pick the right scripts and directors. The film is a perfect material for mega TV serial but sadly director Kiran Chand has made into a feature film.

Murgesh (Krishna) is a departmental store owner and his biggest dream is to find a suitable match for his sister Thenmozhi (Samyuktha). But Thenmozhi is in love with Anwar (Anwar), a taxi driver who works for a pimp. The major hurdle for Thenmozhi’s marriage is her drunkard dad (MS Bakkar) who gives his word to another guy, the right hand of local bigwig Siddique (Jayaprakash).

Murgesh has a rare medical condition Agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that he can’t boldly take any decisions. An unhappy Thenmozhi commits suicide. Now Murgesh should find the culprits who destroyed the life of his sister!!

As said earlier, the film’s story is very old and the melodramatic execution only tests our patience. All the actors are too loud that the whole film only gives us a mega serial watching experience. Vidya Pradeep, Krishna’s pair in the film is a prop and has nothing to do!

Just because the director got a twist in the climax, he can’t take audiences for granted with loud execution and age-old sentimental sequences. From the beginning, Anwar has been shown as some guy who wants to trap Thenmozhi for lust and all of a sudden, we are told that he is actually a good guy for the twists and turns is unbelievable.

Even the music is too jarring just like how the composers play in TV serials. Nothing much to rave about the cinematography either, the intro portion narrating how Tamils settle in Cochin is informative and interesting, which is the only positive aspect in the film.

Overall, Kalari is an exhausting family drama with a convoluted screenplay and melodramatic execution. As you leave the hall exhausted from the sheer length of this misguided enterprise, you cannot help but note that despite its many flaws, this is a noble failure.

Kalari review - Verdict: Below average

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Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus
Set in a Predominant Tamil Neighborhood in #Kochi - @Actor_Krishna , #Vidya and #SamukthaMenon 's #Kalari is high on Brother - Sister sentiments with other Entertaining elements..

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan
High on action and sister sentiment. @Actor_Krishna's #Kalari from today in cinemas.

krishna @Actor_Krishna
If ur expecting comedy or item song in #kalari then u will be disappointed BUT if ur looking for a family drama/thriller then you will be satisfied. My best wishes to all my colleagues whose films r releasing today. LOVE

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