Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 28 September 2015

Movie Title



Farook Abdul Rahiman

Star Cast

Manoj K Jayan, Tirtha Murbadkar

Director Farook Abdul Rahiman’s Kaliyachan, which won National and Kerala State film awards, has been inspired from the life of well-known poet P Kunhiraman Nair.

Asan (Kalamandalam Sivan Namboodiri), a Kathakali guru, spots a talented a young boy named Kunhiraman (Manoj K Jayan) and grooms him into a superb Kathakali performer. 

His talents are mostly inborn and he enacts the roles given to him by his Asan, perfectly. His performances receive much acclaim from those who love the art form. He lives his life in his own terms and sleeps around with women who are naturally impressed by his charm. 

But things start getting wrong when he infuses arrogance and jealousy to his nature. His art and life starts losing its way from then on. He starts getting rejection, both on his personal and professional fronts. 

If P Balachandran’s Ivan Megharoopan was more of a biographical portrait of the poet, this one is a stylized adaptation of his life that has been presented on screen in a highly impressive way. 

In about 100 minutes, the writer-director has narrated the tale in an engaging and hard-hitting manner, which is enjoyable and it has been done without any pretentions or complexity. Even if you are unaware about the nuances of Kathakali, that will never hamper the fun. 

The visuals by M J Radhakrishnan are spectacular and Bijibal’s music is outstanding. 

Manoj K Jayan comes up with a superb performance as Kunhiraman, who is unable to handle the fame and appreciation. The rest of the cast has ably supported him. 

If you have an eye for genuine stories, Kaliyachan could be a fine option. The fluctuating fortunes in the life of a genius are beautifully portrayed on screen here. Watch this one.

Verdict: Good

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