Kalki review: A hardcore masala entertainer that celebrates its hero

Kalki review: A hardcore masala entertainer that celebrates its hero

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Thursday 8 August 2019

Movie Title



Praveen Prabharam

Star Cast

Tovino Thomas, Samyuktha Menon

With its high voltage settings and loud dialogues, debutant director Praveen Prabharam had made it almost clear through the trailers of his Kalki about what to expect on the big screen. And this one is a hardcore masala entertainer that celebrates its hero, Tovino Thomas.

The story happens in a village called Nanjamkotta in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. The area is under the control of a gang of thugs led by Amar (Sivajith). They force the natives to live as per their diktats and even the cops are helpless as the goons treat them like clowns.

It all changes when a new sub inspector (Tovino Thomas) takes charge. He is fearless and believes in the ‘an eye for an eye… a tooth for a tooth’ kind of retaliation theory. He gives confidence to the natives as the baddies are targeted one after the other.

There are some interesting sub plots that are revealed slowly, like how the hero became what he is now. 

It is clearly conveyed here that this one is a hardcore action flick, where big plots or logic have a limited space. In fact the fictitious village where the story is set gives the freedom for the director to come up with an action entertainer that is well packaged.

In his avatar as an action hero, Tovino Thomas looks absolutely convincing in the role of the brave cop. As he takes on dozens of well-built villains who are there ready to kill, the hero raises the mercury levels with his style. 

Sivajith is a good choice as a menacing villain who is able to pose a challenge to the brave hero. Samyukta Menon is good but has a limited role to play. Sudheesh, Irshad, Hareesh Uthaman and Vini Viswalal are good.

Kalki is an action flick that is a gripping ride for sure, especially if you have an idea about what you are going to see. It is a delightful Tovino Thomas show that is definitely worth a watch . 

Kalki review: An entertaining action drama

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