Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 20 March 2015

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Vadivel, Gaugin, Sriram Santosh, K, Lakshmi Priya, Naren, Senthil

Meta-cinema has now become a popular genre in Tamil cinema, thanks to Jigarthanda and Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam. Debut director Vadivel's Kallappadam is also one such Meta movie where the four protagonists loot a hefty amount to make their dream film.

Vadivel, Gaugin, K and Sreeram Santosh are a bunch of a wannabe director, editor, music director and cinematographer respectively. Interestingly all the four  buddies want to debut with Vadivelu's directorial movie but to their misfortune, most of the producers reject his script as it is based 'Koothu' art which will not be a commercially viable venture. At one point of time all the friends plan to loot a huge amount from a producer (Naren) who earlier insulted Vadivelu's narration so that they can make their dream film.

The biggest strength of Kallappadam is  the film's promising plot and screenplay which is incorporated with some well executed sequences. For instance, the scene where four friends sketch a plan to rob the producer's house is indeed brilliant but that's not enough to declare Kallappadam as a perfect movie. The idea of casting the real director, cinematographer, editor and music director is a major blooper as all the four can hardly emote and another major drawback is that the dialogues in the film are uninspiring that gives a monotonous short film feel to it.

Interestingly all the four protagonists have done a good job in their real craft. Kallapadam indeed is enriched with superb cinematography, brainy screenplay, pulsating music and racy cuts.

Performance wise, Lakshmi Priya shines in the role of a retired actress who gets trapped by a rich producer in the name of wedding. Lakshmi Priya's character doesn't have any cliches which is a welcome change in Kollywood and the director must be lauded for handling such a negative character with great maturity. After Lakshmi Priya, Naren has done a commendable job as the greedy producer and the scene where he cares for the 80 lakhs worth car than his kidnapped wife is a scream.

Overall, Kallapadam is a film where everything is enjoyable except for the misfit casting of protagonists and dreary dialogues.

Verdict: Average

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