Kamal Haasan: IFFI's Icon of Golden Jubilee to Rajinikanth is a delayed honor!

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 08, 2019 15:46 hrs

At today's inaugural event of Raaj Kamal Films International's new office, Kamal Haasan heaped praise on his good friend Rajinikanth. 

"Though I congratulated him over the phone, here is wishing Rajinikanth on the Icon of Golden Jubilee by IFFI. He became an icon in his first year in the film industry so this honor is delayed by forty-three years",  said Kamal.

"When we were young, both Rajinikanth and I took a strong decision of traveling in different routes yet we also decided to treat each other with respect. In an industry that provokes hostility, we clarify our issues directly and don't pay heed to gossip mongers", added Haasan.

"There was a time when Rajinikanth asked my suggestion to quit the film industry. It was me who asked him to continue acting in films because people would also ask me to quit. They enjoy these two goalposts. But fans will get shocked if they know how we talk to each other in the personal space", said Kamal Haasan.