Kamal Haasan to make an important announcement on Nov 7, his birthday!

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 26, 2017 10:43 hrs

In his political series ‘Ennul Mayyam Konda Puyal’, Kamal Haasan hinted that he will be making an important announcement on his birthday (November 7) to establish a communication channel between people and his welfare organization (Kamal Narpani Iyakkam).

Kamal said that it’s time for an emergency operation and can’t wait anymore for good things to happen on its own. “I have an unsettling anger on thieves who converted human services like education, medicine, and politics into business. I can see a young army waiting for the right time and feel that it’s my duty and necessity to unit them”, said Kamal Haasan.

So Kamal Haasan will be officially announcing his political party on November 7? Watch this space