Kamala review: An engaging thriller

Kamala review: An engaging thriller

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 02 December 2019

Movie Title

Kamala review: An engaging thriller


Ranjith Sankar

Star Cast

Aju Varghese, Ruhani Sharma

Director Ranjith Sankar’s Kamala is a thriller where the mystery unveils in an engaging way.

Safar (Aju Varghese) is a broker, who deals with real estate and fancy cars. He is involved in the sale of a coveted property in the forest region, for a resort project. The advance has been paid already and he is trying to woo those poor people living there telling them to move to an area near the city, where they can earn more. 

While dealing with both the parties and also with some officials, Safar meets a girl named Kamala (Ruhani Sharma), with whom he goes to a resort which is closed now. Kamala’s behavior confuses Safar and she vanishes after a while.

The rest of the tale narrates the reasons for the happenings and some incidents that lead it to all. 

The whole plot moves ahead mainly using the dialogues and though the lines are well written, the script becomes shaky at certain points. The popular pattern of unveiling the mystery has been used here, but in all fairness, the happenings until then are indeed interesting.

With superb visuals by Shehnad Jalal and music by Anand Madhusoodanan, the director packages this one deliciously.

In a role, quite different from his comical ones, Aju Varghese unleashes a matured performance that needs to be applauded. The actor, who played a cop with a grey shade in Helen recently, is in fine form and is convincing as a wily real estate broker here. Ruhani Sharma keeps that mysterious look quite well and performs with confidence.  

Kamala may be far from perfect but has its strong moments for sure. It would be quite a fine option especially for those with a liking for mystery thrillers. 

Kamala review: An engaging thriller

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