Kanavu Variyam review: There’s little to recommend!

Kanavu Variyam review: There’s little to recommend!



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 24 February 2017

Movie Title

Kanavu Variyam review: There’s little to recommend!


Arun Chidambaram

Star Cast

Arun Chidambaram, Yog Japee,Ilavarasu, Jiya Shankar, Black Pandi

The makers of Kanavu Variyam have been promoting their movie with posters showing that it was screened at various International festivals. 

But unfortunately, we feel that it is an amateurish docudrama on decentralization and urges people to follow organic farming for a better future. Though the intentions of director Arun Chidambaram is laudable, his bumbling execution is a spoiler.

The film has two parallel characters— one played by Arun Chidambaram, who shows more interest in scientific experiments and decides to help his village, which has been suffering from frequent power cuts while the other character played by Yog Japee shifts his focus from a well paid MNC job to organic farming.

What we understand here is that noble intentions does not make a good movie. Yes, Arun Chidambaram can be appreciated for dealing a topical theme but apart from that, the film has too many negative points to test the patience of audiences, who will be definitely feel cheated by all the award tags decorating the posters and trailers of the film. 

Arun Chidambaram’s research for the script also lies at the school level that he tries too hard to impress us with scientific experiments, which are being practiced by kids! Despite all these amateurishness, one thing that stood out in the whole film is the visual clarity, thanks to cinematographer Selvakumar’s work. 

On the whole, a weak script that lacks subtlety and nuance, the film is ultimately a bore! Never a good sign when you’re looking at your watch instead of the screen.

Kanavu Variyam review:Verdict- Bore

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