Kanchana 2

Kanchana 2



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 17 April 2015

Movie Title

Kanchana 2


Raghava Lawrence

Star Cast

Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee

Raghavendra Lawrence choreographer, actor and director has always played to the galleries. His films have the same template, targeted at the mass audiences and are packaged to give them maximum entertainment.

He is the darling of the trade as his films have all ingredients that attract the common man. In fact the former choreographer is credited with making the horror-comedy genre popular in Tamil through his Muni franchise movies.

The 2 hour 43 minutes Kanchana 2 is no different from his earlier horror comedies, with almost same supporting cast of Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Sriman and others. The formula is the same- mix crass comedy with lots of horror, dead person's spirit getting into hero/heroine body, slapstick humour, glamour, melodrama, ladies sentiments, fight scenes  and ultimately the good ghost triumphing over the bad ghost! Add five songs, haunted house, scream and wailing sounds it works .

Raghava (Lawrence) who always fear to watch horror movies, takes his mom (Kovai Sarala) to the loo as he has Nyctophobia and whenever he feels the extreme shock, he sits on the lap of woman next to him. Yes, the pattern has been retained in Kanchana 2 except for the fact that he appoints a watchman inside the rest room so that he doesn't need his mother's help. Raghava is a cinematographer for a TV channel and he loves Taapsee who wants to shoot a fake ghost-haunted house so that the TRP rating will increase. To their misfortune, they actually get haunted by not one but five ghosts. Now again the director has reused the Muni template here, as the ghosts want to take revenge against someone who ruined their life and dreams.

Performance wise, Taapsee is a revelation and has given a solid performance in the film, especially the scenes where she transforms into ghost Ganga is terrific. Lawrence has put his heart and soul to be versatile, the scene where he transforms into a small child, old woman, transgender and Motta Siva will sure get applause from the masses. Nithya Menon as the physically challenged Ganga is adequate while the rest of the actors like Kovai Sarala, Manobala and Sriman are in charge of comedy.

Vaada Veera from Leon James is the pick of all the songs in the movie and the visuals are equally good. Technically, the team could have concentrated on the VFX work given the time this film took to be made. On the whole, Kanchana-2 is for the masses who are looking for some entertainment this holiday season.

Verdict: Horror comedy riot

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