Kanchana 3 review: Trademark 'pei' film from Raghava Lawrence

Kanachana will be enjoyed only by its target audience.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

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Kanchana 3 review: Trademark 'pei' film from Raghava Lawrence


Raghava Lawrence

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Raghava Lawrence, Vedhika, Oviya, Nikki Tamboli, Kovai Sarala, Devadarshini, Sriman

In Kanchana 3, Raghava Lawrence has retained all the commercial elements which worked with his target audience in the previous two installments. Here, the major add-on is that Lawrence has also mirrored his real-life philanthropist image in the flashback episode and sent a strong statement to his critics.

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Raghava (Lawrence) once again plays the youngster who easily gets scared and follows strange techniques to come out of his fear for supernatural powers. He gets possessed by not one but two ghosts to take revenge against a powerful politician! The film begins with one of the two ghosts—Kaali (Lawrence again) who runs a home for needy kids and physically challenged youngsters.

When corrupt politicians try to lure him with fancy black money, he says no which put him and his kids in trouble. The rest of the film is all about how Kaali and his lover posses Raghava to take revenge against the corrupt minister…

Lawrence once again provides enough laughter as the innocent Raghava. As Kaali, he puts on the mass hero hat along with the mask of Messiah. The actor also impresses us by his ability to change expressions both as Kaali and the foreign girl in the second half of the film. Kanchana 3’s biggest attraction is the hilarious—Kovai Sarala, Sriman, and Devadarshini combo. Together, they bring the roof down in the intermission scene which is sure to work with the masses and it got the repeat value in TV channels. The three girls —Vedhika, Oviya and Nikki Tamboli have been used only for the skin show.

The film will surely work with the audiences who loved the other three parts of the horror comedy franchise. Kanchana 3 is an upgraded version of the rest of the parts in terms of budget, grandeur and the overall production value. But it looks like Lawrence prefers to end the film with a loud climax and jarring CG works which worked for the horror franchise big time so we get the same treatment in this film as well.

None of the songs are catchy but Lawrence, as usual, shines with his racy steps in each and every number. Vetri’s camera presents all the peppy number with his pompous visuals and Thaman’s background score provides enough thrills required in the horror scenes.

To conclude, Kanchana 3 is the trademark ‘pei’ film from Raghava Lawrence. So those who liked Kanchana/Muni franchise will certainly like this one too. Others can stay away!

Kanchana 3 Verdict: Entertaining

Reactions from Social Media

Rajasekar @sekartweets
#Kanchana3/#Muni4 - The target audience will be liking it. @offl_Lawrence has repeated whatever liked by his core audiences in the previous three horror comedies. Here, he has also his real-life philanthropist angle in the flashback. The climax is loud (the other parts too same)!

Christopher Kanagaraj @Chrissuccess
#Kanchana3 - Watchable old age horror masala package. Lawrence's energetic. Dance super. 3 heroines, so no compromise on Glamour side. Thr r few scares, mass & comedy. Exaggerated scenes, overacting, mokka comedies & songs r on neg side. Might entertain d Kanchana franchise fans!

S Abishek @cinemapayyan
The franchise elements with which the masses are well-versed have been exploited enough. Now time for the flashback to take over.
Kids and family are enjoying the majority of the portions when I am left in surprise.

Dark Knight The Unpaid Critic @itsMe_Rps
#Kanchana3 #Review Movie has comedy glamour thrill and good bgm + cinematography. It is more massy than the previous chapters. Horror scenes are amazing. #RaghavaLawrence worked hard. @Vedhika4u and @OviyaaSweetz are okay. Definitely blockbuster

Review Ram @MovieReviewRam
#Kanchana3 (Tamil) - 1.75/ 5.
An outdated horror-comedy that fails miserably. It irritates in most parts. Every element is either exaggerated or melodramatic. Found it difficult to tolerate after a point.

A very big 'thumbs-down' to the franchise!

#Kanchana3FromToday #Kanchana3Review

Aadisesan Venkatesan Manivannan Vikkram Bharadhwaj @askmvb
@itisprashanth #Kanchana3Review
Usual story.... Usual screenplay too... Much better horror.... Unwanted Glamour.... Unwanted songs....
One time watchable for the comedy, horror value and flashback sentiments.... @offl_Lawrence

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