Kangalal Kaithu Sei

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 23 February 2004

Movie Title

Kangalaal Kaidhu Sei



Star Cast

Vaseegaran, Priya Mani

What happens when veteran directors in search of box-office gold moves away from their traditional mooring to a new genre? It will only spell disaster, as in the case of Bharathiraaja and his new thriller Kangalal Kaithu Sei.

The long delayed psycho thriller is partly inspired from ?The Indecent Proposal?, strives to stuff in some thrills and suspense but the final outcome is disappointing and utterly chaotic. Trying to keep your eyes wide open following the tormented lead pair itself is a marathon effort.

The film is located essentially in a villa that resembles a Taj Residency holiday spot. This villa is the house of the fourth richest Indian, John Vaseegaran (Vaseegaran) who has 40 companies worldwide with a turnover of over Rs 1000 Crore!

Vaseegaran is a loner whose parents died leaving him their vast fortunes. He has no friends and is only close to an ayah who always reads Cinderella stories to him! Vaseegaran was also a neglected child as his parents were interested only in ?parties and stock exchange meetings? while they were alive.

Vaseegaran is also a kleptomaniac as he loves to flick diamonds, cell phones and curios. One day he flicks a diamond worth Rs 10 Crore from an exhibition of rare diamonds organised by a business rival.

Divya (Priya Mani) a sales girl in charge of the exhibit is accused of the theft by the police. But when she sees the video cameras placed inside the venue, she identifies Vaseegaran whom she has seen stealing a curio before in a departmental store. But no one believes her including lover Pratap (Sanath Ranatunga) but they give her a chance to prove her innocence.

Divya gets herself a job in Vaseegaran?s office and becomes close to him to get back the diamond. But our hero starts believing that she is his real-life Cinderella but soon Divya?s cover is blown off. But Vaseegaran does not give up and promises to give her back the diamond if she spends five nights with him in Switzerland! She is forced to accept this which is followed by a tame climax.

The film fails to impress as it fails to be a bone-chilling thriller. Debutant Vaseegaran looks handsome but his facial expressions of an obsessive lover with psychiatric problems are missing. Priya Mani looks cute and has done fairly good job for a newcomer. A.R.Rahman?s music disappoints.

Verdict: Below Average

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