Kannadadha Kiran Bedi

Kannadadha Kiran Bedi



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 30 March 2009

Movie Title

Kannadadha Kiran Bedi


N Omprakash Rao

Star Cast

Malashri (double role), Srinivasamurthy, Shivaparvathi, Baby Ananya

Last week we saw Sudeep in a double role with Yee Shathamanadha Veera Madhakari and this week Malashri is back in dual role with Kannadadha Kiran Bedi and surprisingly the content is the same!

The dream girl of Kannada cinema, Malasri after a long gap, has put on weight for this weighty subject. As a cop and thief she has struggled hard in doing stunts and the one point agenda is cleaning the society from anti social elements.

The street side thief Bellary Bhagyalakshmi (Malashri) don the position of ?Kiran Bedi? (Malashri again) after the cop is put to death by the very notorious gang of Bhoopathy, Mobile Nachappa, Vickey and D?Souza.

The police department and state government is not informed about this duplication and this is done by father of Kiran Bedi an ordinary constable Venkatappa (Srinivasamurthy). Of course there is justification and time gap is also fit enough.

Why the ordinary constable Venkatappa take this drastic step is explained to Bellary Bhagyalakshmi and that is flash back of Kiran Bedi life. The strong headed and high in will power Kiran Bedi has taken a series of steps in destabilizing the empire of Bhoopathy gang who are in fact the rulers of states at their whims and fancies.

Bhoopathy and gang make Kiran Bedi to come to Bellary and she falls to the vicious net. In the eyes of Venkatappa the constable father the pride of police department is killed and the gang hands over the urn of Kiran Bedi after doing the final rites.

In which district Kiran Bedi was killed, Venkatappa finds a similar personality that is the thief Bellary Bhagyalakshmi. How Bhagyalakshmi is tamed to take revenge on Bhoopathy gang is the expected turn out. Bhagyalakshmi after facing simple six months punishment for impersonating Kiran Bedi studied IPS and become a tough cop again.

The stunts done by Malashri are glorious. The dialogues written by Ranganath for Malashri portion bring applaud for the role. Malashri has to reduce her obesity is the only comment. Srinivasamurthy, Ashis Vidyarthi, Rangayana Raghu have given admirable support. Baby Ananya daughter of Malashri and producer Ramu looks very cute in a small role.

The songs in the background written and composed by Hamsalekha are very meaningful and rise to the occasion. KM Vishuvardhana camera work is splendid. The capturing of many action scenes is not an easy task.

Action lovers this is a festival treat!

Verdict ? Average

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