Kanne Kalaimaane review: May cater to rural audiences!

Kanne Kalaimaane's script lacks depth, is extremely slow and has a docu-feel with preachy lines about farming, bank loans, NEET exams...

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Kanne Kalaimaane review: May cater to rural audiences!


Seenu Ramasamy

Star Cast

Udhayanidhi, Tamannaah, Vadivukkarasi

Seenu Ramasamy’s films are mostly set in villages with stereotype characters and talks more about human values and relationships. After Dharma Durai, his recent release Kanne Kalaimaane also falls under this category!

The film proves that good locations and acting by lead actors jut doesn't make an entertaining film, as the story and presentation is old fashioned and is moves like a snail, testing your patience. At the end of it we become tired and wonder why Udhayanidhi accepted to do this film where he has nothing much to do.

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Kamala Kannan (Udhay) is an agriculture graduate who is from an affluent family in Solavandhan village. Kannan is basically a do-gooder who promotes organic farming in his village and he also encourages his kith and kin to stand on their own leg by getting them loans from a local bank. The bank gets an upright young manager Bharathi (Tamannaah). From his childhood, Kamala Kannan never raised his voice against his grandma (Vadivukkarasi) and dad (‘Poo’ Ram) but after falling in love with Bharathi, he is smitten by her beauty, character, sincerity and head-strong nature. This creates a flutter in his family. But Kanne Kalaimaane is not just about misunderstanding that exists in Kannan’s family, there is a surprise twist and emotionally moving climax which can’t be revealed here!

Kanne Kalaimaane is the exact depiction of today’s villages and how families are slowly adapting to the evolution of women who are multitasking with a job and looking after the family. Catered to rural audiences, Kanne Kalaimaane will change people’s perspective on modern working women. The scene where ‘Poo’ Ram says how his mother Vadivukkarasi misunderstands his educated daughter-in-law is an eye-opener to our society!

The film also showcases how modern educated young men treat their life partner or those who are still living in a dark age can learn so many things from Udhay’s character. There are many lighter moments in the second half of the film including the scene where Ram raves about Tamannaah’s rasam (the modern day version of Surya Vamsam Idli Upma scene?).

Tamannaah has shed her glam look and instead gone for a plain jane look. She not only looks pretty in cotton (co-optex) sarees and high neck collared blouses, her performance is magnetic that is both charismatic and intense. Udhay is perfect as Kannan though he is overshadowed by the rest of the cast. Vadivukarasi and Poo Ram has also given top notch performances. On the downside, the script lacks depth, is extremely slow and has a docu-feel with preachy lines about farming, bank loans, NEET exams etc.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Vaa Vella Rasaathi is the heart-line of Kanne Kalaimaane, the single track clearly conveys the whole story and underlying message of the film. The other songs also elevate the emotional angle of the film and the background score is good. Even at a runtime of 128 minutes the film was slow.

Overall, Kanne Kalaimaane is an extremely slow and rickety ride that tires you out by the time it reaches its destination!
Kanne Kalaimaane review:Tiring

Reactions from Social Media:
Sidhu @sidhuwrites

#KanneKalaimaane: Though it is more of a rooted countryside drama, @seenuramasamy never lets it get stagnant or overly melodramatic at any point. The film's best point is when @thisisysr's haunting Vaa Vellai Raasathi comes on, giving way to a goosebump.

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac
#KanneKalaimaane 1st half - Just 51 mins long. Expecting all the drama and conflicts in the 2nd half. Vadivukkarasi may have a strong role.
@Udhaystalin - @tamannaahspeaks pair clicks. The rural flavour is authentic and the Madurai village side locations are scenic.

Prashanth Rangaswamy @itisprashanth
#KanneKalaimaane interval - Pleasant is the word. Easily the best movie in @Udhaystalin s career. @tamannaahspeaks - Such matured performance. It feels like visiting or being in a village so far.

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan
#KanneKalaimaane left me pleasantly surprised. A film about old-school versus modern-day ideologies that takes a less explored path and clicks.
One of those rare films that really understands feminism and treats it commendably. @tamannaahspeaks is undoubtedly terrific.

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus
#KanneKalaimaane [3.25/5] : A Beautiful story.. A realistic village movie about innocent people and their lifestyle..
@Udhaystalin has done well.. Very subtle..
@tamannaahspeaks is excellent.. Can be termed her best role..
Dir @seenuramasamy has made a feel good movie..

Narayanasamy S @narayanasam
#KanneKalaimaane Want to inhale the fragrance of the soil? Go to this film.

VID @VIDtweetshere
Congrats @tamannaahspeaks - Everyone are now talking about the way you act! You are a born actor, you rock in character roles, this’s to snip off everyone that she’s not just into Glam Doll roles but also can rock you off in acting. #KanneKalaimaane #Tamannaah

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