Kanyakumari Express

Kanyakumari Express


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 22 November 2010

Movie Title

Kanyakumari Express


T S Suresh Babu

Star Cast

Suresh Gopi, Babu Antony, Sarayu

Imagine a hero and villain fighting to kill each other with their sunglasses intact! And the hero ducking away so easily from a bullet fired at point blank range!

Well, such unintentionally funny acts happen one after the other in director T S Suresh Babu?s Kanyakumari Express. Irritatingly boisterous, poorly written and pathetically executed, this film is a complete disaster from the word go.

Mohan Sankar Achary (Suresh Gopi) is a daredevil DIG of Police, who is brilliant and efficient, but dumb enough to go for a meeting with the Chief Minister wearing a ?lungi?. He tries to nab the culprits behind the kidnap of Hema (Sarayu), the daughter of a rich diamond dealer. MO< But she is found dead, even after 26 crores worth diamonds have been handed over to them. In a ridiculous story, where new characters just come out of the blue and senseless twists happen faster than a rollercoaster, it is possible to lose interest in the storyline so easily.

Every clich?s that is usually associated with the commercial masala entertainers can be found here aplenty. But the problem is that they haven?t been used intelligently and no one associated with the film seems to have any idea about the way the story was proceeding, while making it. The production values are tacky and less about most technical aspects, the better.

Suresh Gopi tries to mimic some of his own fantastic police-officer roles from the past, but has evidently lost his charm. Babu Antony, who plays the main villain, has to portray a half-baked character and that is evident from his performance. The rest of cast, which includes Jagathy Sreekumar, doesn?t impress either.

Kanyakumari Express, with a title which is not much relevant to the story, is just under two hours long. There is a behind-the-scenes footage that is shown in rather elaborate detail before the end credits start rolling.

If those involved in the making of this silly misadventure had cared to devote even half of those efforts while making the actual film, things would have been different. Why waste time on this one?

Verdict: Avoidable

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