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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 25 December 2014

Movie Title



Karthik G. Krish

Star Cast

Vaibhav, Sonam Bajwa

Shankar's 'S Pictures' is back in business of production with his former assistant Karthik G Krish debuting as director with Kappal. The film is an interesting combination of humour, friendship and romance. Interestingly, most part of the film is quite enjoyable except for its prolonged second half and an unwanted 'Kaadhal Keedhal' song.

Vasu(Vaibhav) wants to fall in love but his bizarre promise of not marrying any one comes as a huge obstacle in his life. At one point of time, Vasu finds a way to escape from his friends and comes to Chennai to achieve his dream of falling in love. When Deepika (Sonam Pajwa) comes into Vaibhav's life, his own friends become his biggest enemies. The rest of the film is a rollicking fun ride on how the duo enters into wedlock...

The biggest strength of Kappal is its realistic treatment with enough romance and fun. In Kappal, the heroine is shown as any other urban girl who boozes, goes to party and opts for a date. Also, the love does not happen at first look and the girl takes her own time over it. The director showcases urban love and intimacy in an endearing manner, also the complete first half is filled with good one liner which evokes great laughter.

The scene where Vaibhav wins a fight with rowdies by playing a foul word competition is a good creativity and also the initial narrations where the grown up Vaibhav introducing his childhood friends is a scream. On the downside, the film could have been shorter. On the whole, it ends up as a watchable flick which is enjoyable in parts.

Performance wise it is Vaibhav's career best and his comic sense has worked out big time. Newcomer Sonam Pajwa looks cute and sexy and the actress might go places if she chooses good projects. The other actors including VTV Ganesh, Karukaran and Arjunan have done a decent job.

Technically, cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan is slick and shown the film as grand as possible while the editing could have been better. Anthony could have trimmed many sequences which are affecting the pace of the movie. Music by Natraj Sankaran flows with the movie and the Kadhal casatta... is hummable.

Overall, Kappal is a watchable fun ride with witty dialogues and good writing.

Verdict : Good Fun Ride

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