Kari Chirathe

Kari Chirathe

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 07 September 2010

Movie Title

Kari Chirathe



Star Cast

Vijay, Sharmila Mandre, Yagna Shetty, Rangayana Raghu, Sangeetha, Sudha Belawadi

Kari Chirathe adds to the list of so-called action potboilers which have hit the screens in almost all the languages in the country. The story lacks freshness. It is better not to comment on the narrative, which is as old as any goon-themed movie.

It is hard to believe that a director like Maadesh still feels such an insipid story will be accepted in the current era.

In the film, Maadesh or Maadha wants to lead a peaceful and contended life. He wants to start a travel agency with the help of his friends. Maadha is also in love with a neighbourhood girl, Bharathi, but does not feel like expressing it. The girl, who overtly pitches for him, gets disappointed.

Maadha rubs the wrong side of Kanchi Kote, an aspiring politician who is into many shady deals. Maadha gets angry when he sees Kote mistreating his mother. But Kote wants to take revenge from Maadha, who is hell bent on exposing Kote.

The wannabe politician takes help from a corrupt cop to settle scores with Maadha. In this tussle, Maadha's three friends get killed. Even Maadha is sent to jail.

When he comes out of jail, he is declared brain dead by some corrupt doctors. How Maadha takes revenge from Kote and the corrupt system forms the rest of the story.

The story includes many of the incidents that can be linked to the present day political developments. But the real life instances are incorporated in the story without any proper homework. The film also lacks proper characterisation.

Another letdown is the music by Sadhu Kokila. Though Vijay has himself turned a singer with the film, the song compositions are just passable.

Kari Chirathe just looks like a combination of some interesting and extremely irritating sequences.

The dialogues are also just a passe. But the action sequences may be liked by the audience. Vijay has always been dependable in action sequences and some graphics action sequences may be liked by his fans.

Sharmila Mandre is certainly a surprise element - she not only looks glamorous in the song sequences, but also plays a traditional wife with elan.

Yagna Shetty proves she can be good in glamorous roles as well.

Kari Chirathe is watchable for Vijay's action sequences only.

Rating: *1/2

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