Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 16 March 2014

Movie Title



PC Ramesh

Star Cast

Komalkumar, Meera Nandan, Jasmine, Malavika, Guruprasad

Komal who got his foothold in the industry as a comedian and then went on to become an actor, is a warehouse of talent. His acting aptitude and his capability of fitting into any given role makes him stand apart from the crowd. But, seems like the director of this movie titled ?Karodpathi ? has not made use of this inhouse faculty. The movie falls flat at many places and doubts the audience choice of film made to watch over a weekend.

What happens to a poor man if he is blessed with riches overnight is the basic theme of the story. The story revolves around a man (Komal) who dreams of becoming a rich person. Komal who makes his bread and butter by rag picking finds a bag with crores of rupees while on his job of rag picking.

This leading character of the movie, who could not even afford for a cup of tea, suddenly becomes a Karodpathi and gets himself a family consisting of mother, father, brother and sister in law. . In between, Komal is seen in many avatars doing many mischievous things. If the new found relations are just based on the riches he has got or is for real forms the climax.The movie reminds the audience of the proverb ?Beggars mounted, run their horses to death.?

Though Komal is good in his part, audience would have surely expected more than what has been showcased. Only director has to answer as to what was the necessity to get two actresses (Meera Nandan and Jasmine) on board to act along with the lead actor. Both the lead actresses are nowhere near to convincing the audience. Dingri Nagaraj, Yathiraj, Guruprasad, Biradar, Krishna and Malavika who are seen in significant roles are the best part of the story. Music by Abhiman Roy which has gone viral is the only gluing part of the movie. Director C Ramesh needs to do his homework before he gets his hand on other project for the betterment Kannada films.

Verdict: Below Average

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