Karthik Anitha

Karthik Anitha


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 11 April 2009

Movie Title

Karthik Anitha



Star Cast

Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rathan, Manju, Rajan P Dev

Karthik Anitha as the name implies is a story about two college going youngsters played by new faces Rathan and Manju respectively. Karthik lives with his dad ( Kota Srinivasa Rao) who dotes on him since his mother is long dead.

Anitha is his neighbour who lives with her parents and little sister in the opposite house in a middle class colony. Both are childhood friends and even study at the same college. However they are constantly at loggerheads and playing tricks to get even with each other. One day however, a prank gets out of hand and Karthik starts hating Anitha who in turn discovers that she loves him. The problem is accentuated when her wedding is fixed to another guy.

Karthik, in a sudden twist discovers his own love for her, when he realizes she is going to get married and go away. But he is unable to now reveal it to her as her marriage is fixed. Dejected, he writes down the words ?Karthik loves Anitha? on a ten rupee note that she had gifted him once for his birthday.

When his father discovers the note one night, he is found dead the next morning. Anitha?s family asks Karthik to move in with them for a few days, thereby adding to the distraught Karthik?s woes. Being so near her, he is yet unable to declare his love. How this problem is solved and the lovers united forms the climax.

Rathan and Manju play the squabbling friends very well but the chemistry between them is missing. Though they have done well as newcomers, the standard expressions repeatedly on their faces do not help the story. Manju could have been given a better wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling. All the supporting cast has done a great job with Rajan Dev and Kota playing the understanding parents who bond with their children to the hilt.

The climax scene however could have been better handled. To hand it to the director, the middle class milieu and pranks of the lead pair have been well caught on screen but the comedy track is inadequate. The father?son bonding is refreshing change to watch and the first half is fast paced than the second but overall the screenplay keeps the film moving briskly, though some of the pranks get repetitive after a while.

Music by Jack Anand is passable and except for one lively and colourful number between father and son with some great art work by GK. The retro track in the bus scene doesnt seems to serve any purpose. Though there is nothing new in the age old ?squabbling friends turning lovers? plot, in this season of action, adventure, suspense and horror films, Karthik Anitha is a refreshingly narrated love story. With no lewd dialogues, item songs or vulgarity it makes for a good, clean film for family viewing.

Verdict: Average

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