Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn: Jessie is Karthik's source of inspiration!

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Last Updated: Thu, May 21st, 2020, 11:58:40hrs
Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn: Jessie is Karthik's source of inspiration!

Gautham Vasudev Menon's short film Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn was unveiled last night on YouTube. 

While die-hard fans of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya are still in love with Karthik and Jessie, a section of netizens are quite disappointed with a part of the conversation between the two.  In the short, Karthik seems to be depressed due to the industry lockdown and COVID 19, he couldn't write and undergoes a rough patch (a reflection of Gautham's present situation?)

Karthik says he doesn't have money but it was never been an issue in his life and asks Jessie to come back to him. He wants her to leave everything(??)

The dejected filmmaker wants Jessie to be his source of inspiration and only ladylove. He wants to live on her leg and fall on her shoulders. This part of the conversation doesn't go well with many audiences as they have recently seen 96 where the protagonist doesn't even touch his childhood love as she is married now (Interestingly, Trisha is the female lead),

Thankfully, Jessie's reply sounded matured, as she tells him that her marriage with Roy did not start well but slowly, she fell in love with him, and only then, gave birth to the twins. She also says that Karthik would think that she is bitch and he sheepishly agrees, later tells her that he was just kidding. There is a Mouna Ragam reference as well! 

Jessie also says that Roy even knows that she is in touch with Karthik. He calls him his third child and loves him but not the kind of love he imagines in his mind. The whole conversation ends with Jessie motivates him to write as he is an artist. As OTTs like Amazon and Netflix are looking for good content, Jessie wants Karthik to explore that avenue.

Well, the whole story sounds more like Gautham Menon's conversation within himself to come out of the financial crunch, pending films, and move on with future projects. Performance-wise, both STR and Trisha have lived their part yet again and completely justified the roles, and needless to say, we want them to share screen space in a mainstream film once again!

The short ends with Karthik complete the new script Kamal and Kadambari (Gautham's proposed film with Suriya?)

Watch the short film here: