Karuppu Durai review: A cute little gem!

Karuppu Durai review: A cute little gem!

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Critic's Rating: 4/5

Friday 22 November 2019

Movie Title

Karuppu Durai review: A cute little gem!



Star Cast

Mu Ramasamy, Naga Vishal

Director Madhumitha's Karuppu Durai is a charming small film with a big heart. 

The biggest success of the filmmaker is her ability to attract us from the word go without any big stars. The feel-good genre works like a charm with established actors but with newcomers and not so popular faces, it's a gamble! But thanks to the flawless writing of Madhumitha and efficient lead actors (Mu Ramasamy and Naga Vishal), the film ends up as an endearing watch.

Madhumitha has sketched two primary characters. A bed-ridden old man Karuppu Durai (Mu Ramasamy) who has a big family, land, and money but his own children decide to bid goodbye to him in the form of mercy killing. To his luck, Karuppu Durai wakes from coma and overhears the plan, and he runs far away from his family. The unplanned journey of Karuppu Durai takes him to a temple where he meets a cute little boy Kutty (Naga Vishal). 

While Kutty is an orphan since birth, Karuppu prefers to be an orphan due to the bitter experience he had with his own family. Slowly, these two develop a chemistry and close rapport. Kutty understands Karuppu like no one else in the world, he makes a bucket list for the old man and they meet lovely people on their wonderful little journey. But every relationship is bound to expire after a point so does the journey of Karuppu and Kutty! But unlike Karuppu's farewell with his family, his final meet with Kutty ends on a happy yet emotional note!

As pointed out earlier, the writing is flawless. Though we can see that the film is inspired e flavors of a few foreign-language films, things are Indianized here and one can't call it as a copy. The story is very organic and the director has written it straight from the heart.

Mu Ramasamy as the old man Karuppu is such a charmer, the way he eats his favorite Briyani is the best part of the film. Just like any other old man in our family, Karuppu is adamant yet innocent. He leads his life with fear yet confidence. He has his insecurities yet care for others! Naga Vishal is a brilliant find. The young kid is fearless and he has been portrayed as a chatterbox who can't be stopped! His performance is so natural even in scenes where he doesn't have any dialogues. The bond between Ramasamy and Karuppu is the biggest highlight of the film. 

The scene where Karuppu goes to childhood crush is another gem in the film which was written and performed with great maturity. Only a few films offer us the experience of reading a well-written novel, Karuppu Durai is one such work!

Verdict: A small film with a big heart!

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