Kash?Aap Hamare Hote

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 15 February 2003

Movie Title

Kash?Aap Hamare Hote


Ravindra Peepat

Star Cast

Sonu Nigam, Juhi Babbar

Babbar Films? Kash?Aap Hamare Hote is a love story. A young girl marries the son of her guardian. And the marriage was just the beginning of her trauma. The young girl, who goes to Canada with her hubby, is shocked to learn that her husband?s business partner is also his mistress. She gets a bigger shock when he asks his friend to sleep with her. She runs away and takes shelter in an Indian boy?s house. The boy is young and handsome and also lonely. Slowly but surely, he falls in love with her but when he hears her woebegone tale, he dismisses the thought of proposing marriage. He, then, helps her with a duplicate passport and, with assistance from his Indian boss, arranges to send her back to India to her guardian. Meanwhile, the guardian, smelling a rat, comes to meet his ward-turned-daughter-in-law in Canada. Not finding her with his son, he senses that his son must have wronged her and sets out in search of her. Here, the girl learns of the Indian boy?s feelings for her and agrees to stay back in Canada. Fate and the Indian characters in the drama unite the girl and her guardian.

The story is as old as the hills. The screenplay (Ravindra Peepat and Atul Tiwari) offers nothing new as it relies on several cliched situations and predictable turns and twists. How the girl?s guardian, who is so intelligent and caring, could get his ward married off to his son whom he also does not trust, is not explained. And since the marriage is the first turning point in the story, everything thereafter stands on a weak foundation. The husband seems not to have had physical relations with his wife although he is of loose character. This is yet another piece of convenient screenplay-writing, quite in keeping with our prudish mentality. Dialogues (Atul Tiwari) are, however, good and meaningful at several places.

The ubiquitous friends of the hero does nothing worthwhile to enliven the drama. Comedy is feeble, to say the least. Emotions in the second half definitely touch a chord, but the happenings in the first half had by then killed all interest.

Sonu Nigam is quite good but needs to loosen up in dramatic scenes. He dances well. Debutante Juhi Babbar is a fairly natural performer and looks okay. Sharad Kapoor is average. Om Puri is only average in the first half, but thereafter he sparkles. Raj Babbar is endearing as a lively Sardar. Saadhika leaves a mark as a vamp. Raavee Gupta does reasonably well. Both, Saadhika and Raavee exude oomph. Johny Lever is quite irritating. Vivek Shauq, Hanif Patni, Riyaz Ahmed and Prashant Tate, as Sonu?s friends, pass muster.

Ravindra Peepat?s direction is smooth but does little to free the story of its dated feel. Two songs, ?Shaava pardesiya? and the title track, are the better ones (Aadesh Shrivastava). But the placement of the title track, ?Kash aap hamare hote?, after the two have decided to unite, is wrong. Song picturisations are a little above the average. Action scenes are functional. Camerawork (Manmohan Singh) captures the foreign locales beautifully. Editing (Akiv Ali) is quite sharp. Production values, good.

On the whole, Kash?Aap Hamare Hote has some emotions to touch the heart but that?s about all. Given the dull start, it would find the going tough.

Komal Nahta

India Syndicate

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