Kathal Sadugudu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 14 April 2003

Movie Title

Kathal Sadugudu



Star Cast

Vikram, Priyanka Trivedi, Prakash Raj

By Moviebuzz

Dorai was one director who has given us sensible cinema like Mughavari. Now he has taken a u-turn with his latest Vikram starrer Kathal Sadugudu, which is crude and crass. It is one of those utterly hackneyed boring formula film etched out of Vikram?s recent mass films like Gemini and Dhool.

After seeing the film one wonders if it was Dorai who really directed the film or was it ghost-directed by the producer S.S.Chakravarthy? Kathal Sadugudu caters to the basic low level instincts and the camera pans into female anatomy at every given opportunity to bring tight close up?s of lip-to-lip kissing of Vikram and Priyanka Trivedi. Added to that there are some lewd dance movements of Alphonsa and Rani (of O?Podu fame). It is disheartening to see a talented hero like Vikram being degraded to the level of a male sex symbol!

Still interested to know the plot? Suresh (Vikram) is a poor little orphan who goes with his best friend?s family to Thathamangalam, a remote village where rich farmers live in ?haveli? type houses! It is a family get-together and Suresh bumps into Kausalya (Priyanka Trivedi) while driving his car. It is love for him at the fist sight and soon they meet in the large family household full of aunts, cousins and a lovable ?thatha? (M.N.Nambiar) reminding you so much of Vikram?s earlier King. Suresh meets the rich landlord Chidambaram (Prakash Raj) who starts hating him for no fault of his. Chidambaram is Kausalya?s father and he threatens to commit suicide when the lovers approach him to get married. And like in hundreds of films Chidambaram unites the lovers at a local railway station in the climax!

What makes the film irksomely inane is the footage given to Vivek as American returned Super Subbu and Parvai Muniamma of Dhool fame who comes as his ?paatti? to create a separate comedy track in the film. Plus Alphonsa and Rani who appears in guest-?lust? appearances that leaves the audience squirming in their seats. This is Vikram?s flaccid follow-up to that superhit Dhool and he has nothing much to do than and romancing the girl and flexing his muscles. Priyanka Trivedi is appealingly sensual. Prakash Raj specialises in such loud roles, which we have seen earlier. Deva has rehashed some earlier hits. On the whole the film is a frantically paced ?masala? barbecue.

Verdict: Stay Away

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