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Friday 25 April 2003

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Murali, Devayani, Abbas, Senthil

By Moviebuzz

Anybody for a love triangle set in a rural milieu, reminding you of the earlier Rajashree Pictures films? Try Kathaludan, produced by Devayani and directed by her husband Rajakumaran.

Kalyan (Murali) is on a mission to a village as per his mother?s advice to have a peek at a girl Kavitha (Devayani) whom he plans to marry. He likes her, but soon he realises that she has a secret lover (Abbas). When he is convinced that they love each other truly, Kalyan the good samaritan stays around and tries to help her marry her lover!

The plot is idiotic, as director Rajakumaran has tried to rehash his earlier film Nee Varuvayenna. Murali?s investigations and his monologues are just too much. The director has obviously given the soft role to Murali taking his image into consideration. Abbas as usual lacks emotion as the lover boy who is fighting parental opposition to marry the girl whom he loves. Devayani is goodness personified like in her earlier films. But a lot of double entendres and item numbers spoil the tempo of this family entertainer. Rajakumaran needs to rapidly improve, or else he will have to depend on his wife for producing a film, which he can direct in future.

Verdict: Tedious

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