Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Movie Title



AR Murgadoss

Star Cast

Vijay, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Samantha

Straight of the sheath, Kaththi is sharp most of the time, but not always. AR Murgadoss has come out with a film which has a neat social message, packaged well with mass entertainment elements. Vijay carries the film in a tricky dual role, which brings out the star in him whether doing comedy, romance, songs, fights and emotional scenes.

If the Vijay-ARM combo?s previous film Thuppakki was a racy, stylish action thriller, Kaththi is more an emotional film with a mix of hard -hitting social messages. The director has touched upon relevant social issues like farmer suicide, ground water reserves being gobbled by multi-national cola companies, water scarcity, TRP hungry media who are only interested in sensationalising news, corporates taking over the economy and how macroeconomic policies have created a huge difference between villages and urban areas.

Vijay is in a dual role as Kathiresan a jailbird and Jeevanantham a communist and a social crusader. Kathiresan and his friend (Satish) only believe in making a fast buck while Jeevanantham is fighting for a group of villagers in a remote village whose agricultural land is being illegally taken over by a soft drink corporate chief (Neil Nitin Mukesh) . Somewhere along there is a swap and Kathiresan finds himself leading the fight for the old men against the evil corporate, while Jeevanantham languishes in the jail?

The trouble with the film is its first half which moves at a sluggish pace. The film takes its own time to start moving, while the actual plot starts developing only post interval and ends with a stunning climax. The songs hamper the pace and placement is jarring to the narrative. One minute after interval the hit song ?Selfie Pulla? appears, result is that some of the audiences rush back to the canteen!

But on the whole Murgadoss?s screenplay especially the long Vijay monologue in the climax where he hits out at corporates with an agenda is very good. When asked by his sister to define a communist, Jeevanantham?s dialogue -? Namma pasikku mele sapiduru oru idly koode namolade kedayathu? is poignant.

Technically, the film is rich. Anirudh?s music and BGM reaches a new level with ?Aathi? being the pick of the lot. George C Williams?s camera is eye catching; especially the way he has made the Chennai airport look so good on screen. Anal Arasu?s action scenes are well choreographed especially the coin scene.

You can?t take your eyes of Vijay, he is fantastic as the flamboyant Kathiresan and the sober Jeevanantham. Samantha is cute and does what is expected from a heroine in a hero oriented mass movie. Satish as hero friend provides the laughter. Neil Nitin Mukesh with perfect lip sync and dubbing as the villain impresses.

On the whole, Kaththi may not be in the same league as Thuppaki, but still is a well made entertainer with a powerful message.

Verdict : Crackles

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